YouTuber mods treadmill to play Death Stranding

YouTuber Allen Pan hooked a treadmill up to his PlayStation 4 to play DeathStranding And based upon Pan’s 15’s minute video, it works precisely as you believe it should.

Being a game everything about strolling, Pan desired to style a controller to play Death Stranding the method it was “indicated to be played.” Under the guise of keeping his New Year’s physical fitness resolution, Pan discovered a damaged treadmill on the street and made it DualShock 4compatible


When Pan strolls at a vigorous speed, Death Stranding’s Sam Bridges begins to relocation. And when Pan starts to run, the treadmill analyzes it as clicking the left thumbstick in, and Sam removes running– objective achieved. To round out the gadget, Pan linked a third-party PS4 controller (sans left thumbstick) and a knapsack strapped to the back of the treadmill– to keep the gamer upright as they run.

With his gadget built, the second half of the video showcases the treadmill controller in action. Pan’s pals each deviate, running among the game’s early objectives. 2 players both make it a little over 4 minutes, trading out after it gets too hard. And while the group handles to provide their first plan effectively, things do not go as well when Sam faces his first group of BTs.

Pan’s creation looks definitely tiring to play, however is definitely enjoyable to see from a range. And Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima and star Norman Reedus appear to concur, with Kojima retweeting a post about Pan, and Reedus tweeting the link to his millions offollowers With the DualShock 5 undoubtedly on its method, there’s no informing the type of treadmill connection we might see if Death Stranding 2 ever occurs.

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