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Apex Legends season 4: Respawn reveals Revenant’s abilities

Apex Legends season 4 is here together with its latest Legend, Revenant. Respawn has actually teased the scary brand-new assassin a couple of times over the last number of weeks, however it has actually kept his abilities reasonablysecret Now that’s he’s out, we lastly understand precisely what he does.

  • Passive– Stalker
    Revenant can crouch-walk faster and climb up greater walls than other Legends
  • Tactical Capability– Silence
    Revenant tosses a gadget that deals damage and disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds
  • Ultimate Capability– Death Totem
    Revenant drops a totem that safeguards users fromdeath Rather of getting eliminated or downed they will go back to the totem with one health.

Simply like his trailers and teasers recommended it appears Revenant’s set will make him a tough opponent to remove. Based on the trailer, it appears like Revenant’s Totem might likewise impact his allies, which would provide him an effective, squad-saving capability. Revenant likewise has the Low Profile quality, which suggests he’ll take 5% additional damage, to assist offset his Death Totem somewhat.

His updated crouch speed and more nimble climbing must likewise imply that Revenant can reach areas of the map in manner ins which nobody else can. This may make slipping up on opponents a bit simpler, however obviously it likewise suggests the enemy Revenant might do the exact same to you.

Revenant is out in Apex Legends now and can be bought from the in-game store. For a full take a look at whatever concerning Apex Legends in season 4 you can take a look at theofficial patch notes


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