Review: Pepe the Frog documentary Feels Good Man has a huge conclusion

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Logline: Matt Furie produces Pepe the Frog, the web finds Pepe the Frog, upset 4chaners meme Pepe the Frog, Trump advocates co-opt Pepe the Frog, Furie battles to conserve Pepe the Frog, and in 92 minutes, what Pepe the Frog represents ends up being clearer than ever.

Longerline: In 2005, Furie, a cartoonist based in San Francisco, published his first digital comic to Myspace. In the early Young boy’s Club comics, Pepe the Frog was among 4 plain, anthropomorphic animals who consumed, partied, and relaxed their method through post- college despair. In one fateful panel, Pepe pulled down his trousers to his ankles to pee and said the expression “feels good, man.” The line unintentionally interrupted mass culture for well over the next years.

As Illustrator, reporter, and animator Arthur Jones finds in the brand-new documentary Feels Good Man, the phenomenon of Pepe the Frog ending up being an icon of white supremacy is both difficult to envision, and entirely explainable. Jones interviews Furie, his arty friends, meme scholars, psychologists, 4chan followers, trainees of the occult, and even President Trump’s campaign information analyst to comprehend Pepe’s devolution into a monstrous pawn in the war versus decency. As one interviewee notes, Furie’s lively illustrations were flexible and basic sufficient to be redrawn by those who wished to conjure problems. That’s what the giants made him: scraggly, disembodied from context, and sometimes covered in swastikas.

Jones began shooting his documentary early enough to capture Furie distancing himself from the Pepe surge. Even after Pepe settled on 4chan, the cartoonist believed he had a hope of declaring ownership, and perhaps selling a couple of Tee shirts. After the 2016 election, the Anti-Defamation League added the frog to their list of hate symbols, jolting Furie to take more major action. He began a “#SavePepe” campaign, prompting artists to reimagine Pepe with messages of peace. In action, confidential firebrands and alt-right voices gushed more remixes of the character. Provoked, Furie ultimately “killed” Pepe, worked with a fleet of IP legal representatives to stomp out the fire in whatever method possible, andwent to battle with Alex Jones


The quote that states all of it: “It absolutely draws, however … absolutely nothing is permanently, right?”

What’s it attempting to do? Weaving through the chronology, Jones’ movie makes a case that Pepe isn’t a lot a cautionary tale as a window into a bigger, intense digital dystopia. Today’s turmoil representatives utilize “negativeness to brainwash men on the fringe,” and safeguard themselves through the protective bubble of paradox. Feels Good Man recommends they may be difficult to combat. If individuals on the web wish to “warp reality” by choosing the “personification of Pepe,” laissez-faire platforms assist them arrange and perform real-world strategies. They will if they desire to jointly damage something.

In one scene, Furie asks the Anti-Defamation League to eliminate Pepe from the hate-symbollist The company declines– how could they? Pepe will permanently be a dislike sign. Like numerous minutes in the movie, the point awaits the air, weighing on the artist and the audience.

Does it arrive? Feels Good Man imparts audiences with a needed sense of fear, however it isn’t nihilistic. Furie is a clear victim of radicalized paradox and a nationalist motion that took full benefit of his work, and there might not be a method to safeguard idealists like him in the existing minute. Jones argues, through thoughtful interviews, that the men relatively caught in the online vortex, and their moms and dads’ basements, are likewise victims who might be saved.

One interviewee, who provides his trash-filled bed room like he’s on Cribs, reveals the psychological journey that led him to a devout “NEET” life. His Pepe memes began as a game prior to raving out into a demonstration versus women who accepted the frog’s sillier side (consisting of Nicki Minaj). Self-flagellating himself as a “wagecuck,” the man ended up up until now eliminated from his former self that he was applauding mass shooters on 4chan. “We feel alone together,” he states of Pepe’s greatestfans Jones files these unjustifiable arguments for horror for the exact same factor a researcher engineers a vaccine out of a pathogen.

What does that get us? Perhaps the most poignant and immediate political documentary of the year. With an election looming, it’s hard to view Feels Good Man without sensation like we have actually run out of time. The grand experiment of the web was a failure, however there’s no turning it off. In 2016, the cult of Pepe relied on the Egyptian frog god Kek in order to maim Hillary Clinton with psychic energy. (And they believe it worked.) Most Likely 2020 will have its own meme-fueled, amateur technocracy pulling strings on a world that numerous think stills works the method it did 50 years back. Even if Hong Kong protestors handle to improve Pepe’s image when again, there constantly appears to be something brand-new hiding in the shadows.

There is a twinkle of hope in the doc: Perhaps those exact same individuals may see this movie, consider what’s under the surface area of traditional culture, and start correcting the issues through education. Perhaps. Even if you’re heard every Pepe story, Jones’ movie is the total legend, with all the dots linked. It does feel good, man, however it needed to be stated in this method.

The most meme-able minute: Making a documentary about a meme that likewise has a meme-worthy minute is hard ask, however one early scene appears emblematic of every discussion about the web we have today, and need to be revealed as a quick-bite video up until the end of time.

” What do individuals get incorrect when they draw Pepe?” Jones asks Furie.

” Perhaps when they put him on the web stating, ‘Eliminate Jesus’?”

When can we see it? Feels Good Man is an independent production that premiered at Sundance, and it’s presently looking for circulation.

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