Pokémon Go PvP guide: best Great League Pokémon, movesets, and costs

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Pokémon Go’s brand-new ranked PvP system may appear intimidating atfirst With restrictions on what Pokémon you can utilize, you may not understand where to even start while arranging through your Pokémon.

Thankfully, with the assistance of a post by The Silph Road subreddit user Shark_Eating_Bacon and GamePress’ list, we have actually assembled a list of Pokémon to assist you make a damage in the Great League.

Keep In Mind that the Great League choices will differ from the Ultra and Master Leagues. To take part in the Great League, Pokémon need to be 1,500 CP or less. This suggests you can not bring your super strong Mewtwo into the league for a sweep. It likewise suggests that you need to be mindful not to power up your Pokémon above 1,500 CP, or they won’ t have the ability to get involved.

For PvP, you ought to likewise invest sweet and Stardust to open a second relocation for your Pokémon to get more type protection in.

We advise utilizing any of the following Pokémon:


  • Quick relocation: Dragon Breath
  • Charge relocations: Sky Attack and Dragon Pulse
  • Second charge relocation expense: 10,000 Stardust and 25 Swablu sweet
  • Best versus: Bug-, battling-, and grass-types
  • Worst enemy: Fairy- and ice-types

Altaria comes at a high expense of 400 Swablu sweet, however it’s undisputedly among the best Pokémon in the GreatLeague It’s tanky enough to take hits, it does a great deal of damage, and it’s certainly worth having if you have the resources.


  • Quick relocation: Bubble
  • Charge relocations: Hydro Pump and Play Rough
  • Second charge relocation expense: 10,000 Stardust and 25 Marill sweet
  • Best versus: Ground-, rock-, fire-, battling-, dragon-, and dark-types
  • Worst enemy: Turf-, electrical-, and poison-types

Azumarill’s fairy typing enables it to remove strong dragon-type hazards, and like Altaria, it has bulk to back it up. You can likewise utilize Ice Beam as one of the charge transfers to assist negate its weak point versus grass-types.


  • Quick relocation: Air Slash
  • Charge relocations: Sky Attack and Flash Cannon
  • Second charge relocation expense: 75,000 Stardust and 75 Skarmory sweet
  • Best versus: Combating-, lawn-, bug-, rock-, ice-, and fairy-types
  • Worst enemy: Fire- and electric-types

Skarmory removes battling-, lawn-, and bug-types with simple utilizing its great toolbox of flying-type relocations. A second relocation for it may be costly to unlock, however it succeeds even without Flash Cannon, so if you do not have the resources, it’s still an important choice.


  • Quick relocation: Lock-On (Tradition)
  • Charge relocations: Flash Cannon and Focus Blast
  • Second charge relocation expense: 100,000 Stardust and 100 Registeel sweet
  • Best versus: Rock-, ice-, fairy-, regular-, steel-, and dark-types
  • Worst enemy: Combating-, ground-, and fire- types

If you had no usage for the Registeel you obtained from raids, now you do. It does not do much damage, however it can take a ton of damage and its steel-typing offers it a great quantity of resistances.


  • Quick relocation: Appeal
  • Charge relocations: Ice Beam and Play Rough
  • Second charge relocation expense: 10,000 Stardust and 25 Jigglypuff sweet
  • Best versus: Combating-, dragon-, dark-, flying-, ground-, and grass-types
  • Worst enemy: Toxin- and steel-types

Wigglytuff is a dragon-type destroyer. It’s here to remove any Altaria you might see. Appeal likewise does a reasonable quantity of damage and will hold its own versus any typing that it’s not disadvantaged versus.


  • Quick relocation: Mud Shot
  • Charge relocations: Mud Bomb and Blizzard
  • Second charge relocation expense: 10,000 Stardust and 25 Barboarch sweet
  • Best versus: Toxin-, rock-, steel-, fire-, electrical-, flying-, ground-, lawn-, and dragon-types
  • Worst enemy: Grass-types

Whiscash will get struck truly hard by grass-type relocations, however it’ll make a great property to your team with both ground- and ice-type relocations.


  • Quick relocation: Water Weapon
  • Charge relocations: Browse and Active Fang
  • Second charge relocation expense: 10,000 Stardust and 25 Bidoof sweet
  • Best versus: Ground-, rock-, and fire- types
  • Worst enemy: Combating-, lawn-, and electric-types

Bibarel may not appear like much, however it has some quite strong relocations in its toolbox. It’s not the best choice, however numerous players will likely have a Bidoof and its sweet.


  • Quick relocation: Wing Attack
  • Charge relocations: Toxin Fang and Shadow Ball
  • Second charge relocation expense: 10,000 Stardust and 25 Zubat sweet
  • Best versus: Combating-, bug-, lawn-, ghost-, and psychic-types
  • Worst enemy: Rock-, electrical-, psychic-, and ice-types

Toxin Fang is great to lose your challengers’ 2 guards and Shadow Ball loads a punch. Utilizing a Shadow Zubat from a Team Rocket fight will likely assist you make a strong bat kid to trigger a racket in the Great League


  • Quick relocation: Vine Whip
  • Charge relocations: Craze Plant (Tradition) and Sludge Bomb
  • Second charge relocation expense: 10,000 Stardust and 25 Bulbasaur sweet
  • Best versus: Ground-, rock-, water-, and grass-types
  • Worst enemy: Flying-, fire,- psychic-, and ice-types

Craze Plant, Venusaur’s Neighborhood Day relocation, is what makes it so strong. Paired with its tankiness, its a strong competitor, if you have one.


  • Quick relocation: Snarl
  • Charge relocations: Foul Play and Last Option (Tradition)
  • Second charge relocation expense: 75,000 Stardust and 75 Eevee sweet
  • Best versus: Ghost- and psychic-types
  • Worst enemy: Combating-, bug-, and fairy-types

Umbreon does not have much type protection, however is still strong, due to its high defense stat.

Defense Forme Deoxys

  • Quick relocation: Counter
  • Charge relocations: Rock Slide and Thunderbolt
  • Second charge relocation expense: 100,000 Stardust and 100 Deoxys sweet
  • Best versus: Regular-, rock-, steel-, ice-, dark-, flying-, bug-, fire-, and water-types
  • Worst enemy: Bug-, ghost-, and dark-types

If you have a Defense Forme Deoxys and you wish to take PvP seriously, you ought to think about purchasing it. It’s large as heck and will consume other Pokémons’ charge relocations for breakfast while likewise dispensing damage in a range of types.

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