Top 20 cities with the highest tech salaries

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Learn which cities have the highest tech salaries, and which ones pay the least expensive.

Highest and least expensive IT task salaries ranked by United States state
Location plays a significant function in ITsalaries Here are the mentions paying the big dollars and those to be prevented.

Although there’s an excellent need for tech employees, it ends up being a thoroughly computed decision to pick which city will fit you expertly, financially and socially.

Dice’s 2020 Tech Salary Report has actually simply made it a little much easier. The report has a look at the top 20 cities with the highest techsalaries At the top of the list is northern California’s Silicon Valley, where the yearly average, $123,826, has actually increased 4.7% considering that2018

As is the case with a relocate to a brand-new city, it’s necessary to offer it a comprehensive review. How does your wage fit with the rental scenario, and ultimately, home ownership? What are the outside- of-work activities do you like to do?

Simply put, what does the examined city have in regards to music, the arts, dining establishments, or whatever is crucial to you.

Research Study the cost-of-living in a top city and you may discover that in spite of a greater wage, living there would considerably cut the bump in pay.

For instance, the No. 9 city is St. Louis, MO, and Missouri had the fifth-lowest cost of living in the United States for 2019, according to the Missouri Economic and Proving Ground.

On The Other Hand, No. 1 Silicon Valley has the highest cost of living in the United States, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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Salaries are, regrettably, flat nationally, however if you’re aiming to grow, there are 6 emerging tech centers to think about.

Seattle, home of Microsoft, can be found in second, with $109,628, up 4.3% considering that 2018.

Southern California’s San Diego was 3rd, with a typical yearly wage of $109,428, up 5.4% considering that2018

The first East Coast city to make the Top 5 is Boston, and it is up 5.2% considering that 2018, at $108,438

assembling the top 5 is Baltimore/DC at $103,816 yearly, up 2.5% considering that2018

Of the top 20 cities on the Dice report list, 2 cities made the most effect with salaries increasing considerably.

The yearly wage in the No. 17 city, Columbus, OH, climbed up 14.2% to, $92,017, and St. Louis is up 13.6% (considering that 2018) at $97,892

Just 2 cities in the top 20 had salaries that decreased instead of up: Philadelphia fell 4.5% and Tampa 8.3%.

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The Dice Wage Study was administered online by, with 12,837 used US-based technology experts reacting in between Oct. 14, 2019 and Dec. 17,2019

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