Quidditch-like Broomstick League gets Steam Early Access release date

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In 2015, Virtual Basement and Blue Island revealed their definitely-not-Quidditch game BroomstickLeague In a new trailer Thursday early morning, the team revealed that Broomstick League will show up on Steam Early Access on March 5. And players thinking about attempting it out early can sign up on the game’s website for closed beta access, which runs Feb. 6-8.

Based upon the name, the game is precisely what you believe it needs to be: aerial, magic sportsball, sans Harry Potter. Players can group up in 3v3, 2v2, or 1v1matches As in soccer or Rocket League, the goal appears to be to get a neutral ball and toss it through the other team’s website– the significant distinction being the broom you ride on.

In addition to chasing after the ball and attempting to score, players can utilize their wands to cast spells on themselves or their challengers. Players will fly around special arenas, and can tailor their witch or wizard with brand-new brooms, wands, and dance relocations.

It’s uncertain just how much Broomstick League will cost when it gets in early access– no rate is noted on the Steam item page.

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