Relatable: Anthem and I both have our Christmas decorations still up

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Every Christmas, I leave a couple of things around your house to make things a little joyful. They tend to spend time a little bit longer than prepared for. Now, it’s early February, and I still have a couple of strings of lights and a couple of seasonal flowers hanging around. I work from home, and I discover it a little joyful, all right? That’s not a criminal offense. Fortunately, I have discovered a not likely ally who concurs with my designing sense: Anthem.

BioWare’s mech-fighting, rocket-launching, deeply distressed online game has actually had a bumpy ride post launch. Now, Fort Tarsis, the main center, is a little peaceful. Fortunately, our day is lightened up by the reality that the Christmas (er, sorry … Icetide) decorations from December’s seasonal event is still up.

Sam Loveridge astutely discovered the decorations and pointed them out. I logged into the game myself and I can verify: it’s a little winter season wonderland in Fort Tarsis.

This isn’t a good idea for everybody. Pirndel Blatch is the game’s finest NPC, and whenever I talked with him throughout the campaign, he brought up great deals of legitimate civic preparation issues. Pirndel Blatch is worried about power cable positioning, passage space, and queuing. Most likely, he rages about the reality that there’s still Christmas decorations all over. Somebody is going to journey on that tinsel.

For those who are purchased the long-lasting health of Anthem, this may in fact be a little bit of a grim scene. It recommends that the designers aren’t going through and keeping the game up to date in little methods. Games like World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto Online have long because carried on from Christmas and have popular occasions like the Lunar New Year or Valentine’s Day. After a rough launch and a barren plan, a festively red and green Fort Tarsis may feel like another nail in Anthem’s casket.

However the existence of these decorations isn’t an oversight. The Icetide season was intentionally reached run through February by BioWare. Typical rules recommends that Christmas decorations ought to come down around January 5th. That’s partially why it’s so spooky to visit and still see seasonal lights shimmering away.

There are reports that Anthem is getting a massive overhaul, however things stay peaceful in the meantime in the game itself. A minimum of the decorations and snow show some indications of life, which is a welcome addition to an otherwise deathly peaceful game.

We have actually connected to Electronic Arts for comment, and will upgrade if we hear more about Icetide’s location on the planet of Anthem.

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