Are Black Mask and Mister Zsasz gay? Birds of Prey director weighs in

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Birds of Prey is a big rarity in the comics motion picture world: A movie where more than one character is plainly developed to be queer. And one of them is even the main character!

Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya are queer in the pages of their comics, and now they’re queer on the big screen. There are a couple other characters in Birds of Prey that have actually made individuals question: Ewan McGregor’s Roman “Black Mask” Sionis and Chris Messina’s Mister Zsasz, a supervillain and henchman locked in a devastating relationship. Zsasz makes it possible for and amplifies Sionis’ vicious stress and anxiety, and Sionis lets loose Zsasz on the unwary.

On the red carpet of one best event, a Variety reporter asked McGregor and Messina outright: Are the 2 bad guys gay?

McGregor and Messina mused for a bit on the “complex” connection in between their characters. “There’s a desire and a need in there, for sure,” McGregor stated. A couple of minutes later on the stars chuckled off the awkwardness, stating “More than likely, yes.”

This ramification triggered a wave of discouragement on socialmedia If the makers of Birds of Prey had actually queer coded Black Mask and Mister Zsasz, that would not be the very best appearance.

Queer coding is the practice, deliberate or otherwise, of crafting a character with a stereotypically queer look or quirks without otherwise talking about their sexuality. It’s typically related to bad guys, as an antique of the age in Hollywood movie in which the only method censors would permit a queer character to be portrayed was if they were revealed in an atrocious light. By the time those guidelines were loosened up, queer quirks had just end up being a part of our cinematic language forhinting that a character was a bad guy


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However in a motion picture where more than one character is absolutely developed as queer, it appears uncommon that 2 more would have a relationship deliberately left as much as the audience’s analysis. We asked director Cathy Yan about precisely how she saw Black Mask and Zsasz.

” I believe that [their relationship is] much more about power than it has to do with anything that can be identified in any case,” she addressed. “I believe for us, we simply wished to ensure that the relationship felt fascinating and real. I believe in a lot of motion pictures you simply see the henchman do his boss’ bidding for for no real factor besides that it’s what the script required […] That was truly more of discussion. What is appealing about Roman to Zsasz? Why does Zsasz stay? Why does Zsasz do his bidding, eliminate these individuals, and have such commitment to Roman when he could have wanted to anybody? Or, I imply, [Zsasz is] a quite bad man in his own. What is he doing there?”

Yan stated that their complex codependency likewise originated from wishing to make Roman Sionis more fascinating to the audience.

” I believe bad guys are the most fascinating when they are appealing, when you can’t assist however like them in a method, or you laugh along at their jokes or you discover them engaging or really lovely. And of course Ewan [McGregor] has that in spades. It was likewise about Roman, and Roman’s desire or need to be seen to have control, to have power, to be able to control others.”

So, were Black Mask and Mister Zsasz deliberately queer coded in Birds of Prey? Appears like the response is no. Obviously, that does not imply you can’t headcanon your own It’s Complex love if you wish to, you insane Ao3 kids, you.

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