Destiny 2’s swords get a buff and rework in March

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Bungie will completely rework swords in March’s Destiny 2 content upgrade, the studio revealed Friday.

In Destiny, swords have 3 various relocations: light attacks, heavy attacks, and a guard that obstructs damage. To stabilize the 3 relocations, each sword will have an energy gauge that charges gradually. This is in addition to their typical ammunition, which swords presently utilize for all 3 actions.

Players will need to handle the energy to utilize the sword correctly. Safeguarding will now drain pipes sword energy– implying players won’ t need to invest their hard-won ammunition on obstructing.

Heavy attacks from swords will likewise take in energy. The heavy swing takes in the energy if the bar is full, that makes for a much more effectiveattack Heavy attacks without energy will be much weaker, however stillpossible


Light attacks will loop forever, instead of the old three-part combination. According to Bungie, this is to lower the level of danger while utilizing a sword– providing opponents less possibilities to attack– and to distinguish heavy and light relocations. As a bonus offer, sword swings of all kinds will neglect a portion of enemy guards.

The swords in Destiny 2 have actually never ever been as beneficial as in the initialDestiny They’re a bit too unsafe to utilize, and do not deal adequate damage to alleviate their threat. Even the Unique swords can’t measure up to subdued weapons like Dark-Drinker— with Destiny 2’s Unique swords, like Worldline No, primarily utilized forspeedrunning content


With the brand-new changes, swords must be more beneficial in daily material. Players won’ t understand for sure up until Destiny 2’s next season, Season of the Worthwhile, begins on March 10.

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