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Harley Quinn’s comic origin, Joker relationship, and powers, explained

With Birds of Victim shrieking into theaters, we’re shining a spotlight on the DC Comics film’s cast of characters– from A to Zsasz. There are some long histories behind a few of the superheroes and bad guys, however here’s whatever you need to learn about Harley Quinn:

What’s Harley Quinn’s origin story in the comics?

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, PhD, was a reputable psychologist at Arkham Asylum till the Joker controlled her expert fascination with him into romantic fixation– a sensation that he has actually probably never ever reciprocated (a minimum of not in any healthy method). He put her through the exact same chemical bath that birthed him, whitening her skin white, and she became his faithful partner in criminal offense.

Who developed Harley Quinn?

Created by the makers of Batman: The Animated Series as a one-off henchwoman, the production was so tickled by the concept of the Joker having an old-time moll that they kept Harley on, and ultimately developed the origin story she still has today.

Harley was specified by her unreciprocated infatuation with the Joker for a long period of time. No matter how awfully he treated her, and no matter how hard her closest buddy, Toxin Ivy, attempted, she constantly forgave him his betrayals and went back to his predatory arms.

However, considering that Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s 2013 Harley Quinn series, Harley has actually effectively distanced herself from her violent ex, and handled a Deadpool-like function as a semi-reformed bad guy simply attempting to keep herself and her pals safe. All while splitting jokes and extending the 4th wall, naturally. Conner and Palmiotti’s series likewise canonically paired her up with Toxin Ivy in a romantic relationship, making 20 years of queer subtext into text.

Harley likewise signed up with the Suicide Team for the first time in this period, a location provided her her live action debut in the Suicide Team film, and now in Birds of Victim.

What are Harley Quinn’s capabilities or powers?

Harley does not truly have any superpowers. She is an accomplished gymnast, hand-to-hand fighter, and made her PhD fair and square, finishing at the top of her class.

Who plays Harley Quinn in the film?

That would be Margot Robbie, Oscar-nominated for her function in in 2015’s Bombshell, and the initial live-action Harley in Suicide Team. Her version of Harley is practically the exact same in the film– even her taxidermied beaver is from the comics.

What Harley Quinn comics should I check out?

Batman Experiences: Mad Love # 1 (1993)

Harley debuted in the 1990 s animated series, implying that this graphic unique origin story– by series manufacturers and Harley’s co-creators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm– has an air of credibility unrivaled in comics; it assists that it’s simply as amusing as you desire it to be and shows the pre-emancipated Harley in the method most fans keep in mind.

Harley Quinn # 0-8 (2013)

It took more than a years for developers to get a manage on how to make Harley operate in the mainstream DC comic book universe, however the team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti struck paydirt with their mix of lowbrow humor and unanticipated heart, turning the character into a favorite of a brand new generation of fans.

Harley Quinn #25 (2016)

It was the story that needed to take place, and suddenly, one that in some way worked: Harley facing Joker over their poisonous relationship ended up being a victory for Harley and the readers alike, enabling her to acknowledge the bad and relocation towards something more satisfying (i.e., dating Toxin Ivy).

What’s Harley Quinn’s zodiac sign?

Why are you asking this? OK, fine. According to her files, as seen in Suicide Team, she’s a Cancer.

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