Why Grand Theft Auto 5 had one of its best sales years ever in 2019

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Grand Theft Auto 5 was first launched in September 2013, and rapidly ended up being one of the best- selling games of perpetuity. Rockstar launched it once again in 2014, this time on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and lastly on Windows PC in 2015. Even after the full launches stopped, the game’s sales stayed strong. in 2019, Grand Theft Auto 5 had one of its best years ever.

After its hugely effective launch, the game balanced around 15 million copies offered a year, had a quick dip in 2018, then leapt to about 20 million in 2015. Without any big release of a brand-new version, and no single-player growths, the factors for GTA 5’s unexpected uptick in appeal are diverse. Over the last 12 months, whatever from brand-new material for Grand Theft Auto Online, to Jerk streams, to something as easy as lower rates, appears to have actually added to the game’s excellentsales


Grand Theft Auto Online is most likely the main draw for players who keep returning to GTA 5 or jump in for the first time, years after the game’s preliminary release. It must come as no surprise that this bump in sales comes with one of the best years GTA Online has ever had for extra material. The most current material updates for GTA Online have added brand-new characters, story lines, and vehicles to the mode, and Rockstar deals with each upgrade nearly like it’s a brand-new game, which implies a lot of marketing.

2019’s big upgrade for Online was the Diamond Gambling Establishment & Resort which added brand-new activities, numerous objectives, and led up to the Diamond Gambling Establishment Break-in, the game’s most significant and most complicated Break-in objectiveever


The Gambling establishment Break-in features a range of various methods for players to approach their best criminal activity, from going in quiet to weapons blazing and a couple of things in- in between. One of the real delights of the objective is that unlike in other break-ins, if something fails, players do not instantly stop working. Rather the break-in continues with the brand-new trouble in play, requiring players to alter their strategies and adjust on the fly.

Image: Rockstar North/Rockstar Games.

The upgrade assisted GTA Online create some great buzz and, according to a Take-Two financier note from 2019, the upgrade assisted GTA Online set records for everyday, weekly, and regular monthly active users in July, when it was released, and after that again in August, making it clear that players liked the upgrade enough to keep returning.

Another factor behind GTA 5’s unexpected ongoing success might have been its appeal with banners over the in 2015. Role-playing servers have actually constantly been around in Grand Theft Auto Online, however the popular NoPixel server, which hosts to some of the most significant banners on the web for a couple of months this year, assisted the neighborhood acquire a spotlight it’s never ever had previously.

Banners like Shroud, Summit1g, TimTheTatman, Lirik, and numerous others signed up with in on the role-playing enjoyable. Thousands of audiences enjoyed the banners roam the server’s virtual city engaging with each other in- character, purchasing clothing from individuals playing as in- universe staff members for the store, and getting progressively extravagant cars and trucks and homes. Some relied on a life of criminal activity to sustain their inflated way of lives– as constantly takes place in GTA– then others reacted by forming a copsforce While this appeal did drive up the number of players the game had on Steam rather, it’s hard to state whether it assisted encourage console players to jump back into the game, even if they could not take a look at role-playing servers.

Another possible description for the game’s excellent sales over the in 2015 is most likely quite easy: rate. Rockstar’s games tend to keep their rates quite high, considering that they offer regularly well. in late 2018, the game’s Steam price dropped from around $50 to $29.99. On both consoles and PC, the game has actually often been on sale over the last 12 months dropping down to $1999 and even$14.99 in some cases And with this existing generation of consoles still offering well, getting Grand Theft Auto 5– an extremely well-known game in a popular franchise– on the inexpensive, may appear like an apparent option for anybody getting a brand-newconsole


Grand Theft Auto 5’s continued success, even after Rockstar has actually launched Red Dead Redemption 2 on both console and PC, is staggering. In between the game’s regularly lower rate, the popular (and greatly promoted) updates, and its appeal with banners, 2019 became an ideal storm for GTA 5 and provided it one of its best sales years ever, 6 years after launch.

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