Who are the Birds of Victim? The movie title has a funny comics origin

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Birds of Victim (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn) presents spectators to the DC Universe’s biggest bird-themed superteam. Or are they bird themed? And why are they even called the Birds of Victim?

The Harley Quinn-driven Suicide Team spinoff does not actually address the concern, possibly due to the fact that it appears apparent. Black Canary is the just main member whose superhero alias is even from another location bird-related– and a canary is not even a predatory type of bird! If required, we may shamefully draw a line to how the word “bird” can be a slang term for women, however the sincere response come down to this:

The Birds of Victim are called the Birds of Victim due to the fact that, up till relatively late in their presence, the team name was little more than an afterthought.

Black Canary and Oracle (background) from the cover of 1996’s Birds of Victim: Black Canary/Oracle.
Image: Gary Frank/DC Comics.

Initially developed by editor Jordan B. Gorfinkle and author Chuck Dixon, the Birds of Victim started in a 1996 one-shot concern teaming Dinah Lance (Black Canary) and Barbara Gordon (previously Batgirl, then Oracle, and, considering that 2011, Batgirl once again), in effort to improve the characters’ appeal beyond their dedicated fan base and develop a brand-new franchise. When it was chosen that Black Canary/Oracle wasn’t a stylish adequate title to offer the concern, DC assistant editor Frank Pittarese, according to Dixon, stepped up with the subtitle Birds of Victim.

That is, the real story behind the name is that somebody in the editorial team made the just tip that the innovative team might settle on. It might have been much even worse– runner-up in the contest was Hell’s Belles.

Readers showed to enjoy the pairing of Black Canary and Oracle, therefore the principle continued through a number of unique concerns and mini-series prior to finishing into a continuous month-to-month in1999 Through all of this, the Birds of Victim title stayed, despite the fact that it would not really be discussed inside the comic for nearly a years.

Gail Simone, Adriana Melo/DC Comics.

Author Gail Simone took control of the series in 2003, including the characters Huntress and Woman Blackhawk to the team, fortunately strengthening the “bird” and “predation” concepts. And in 2005’s Birds of Victim #86, it was Woman Blackhawk herself who recommended they call themselves the Birds of Victim, lastly bringing some connection and good sense (nearly) to an otherwise complicated mantle– even if the other members of the team honestly confessed to finding the name cringe-worthy and contrived. When Simone restored the Birds of Victim in 2010, she continued to add characters who made the name appear more deliberate, consisting of former Teenager Titans Hawk and Dove.

At the end of the day, you may still ask why the movie’s character lineup call themselves the Birds of Victim. And we can’t blame you, due to the fact that after 24 years, the response still does not go much further than “It sounds cool!” You understand what? That suffices.

And if you’re disturbed that there’s no rhyme or factor, it’s time to unwind and ask yourself precisely what the hell “The Avengers” indicates, anyhow.

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