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Duo mode is back for Apex Legends’ Valentine’s Day event

Apex Legends duo mode is back in the nick of time for Valentine’sDay The fan-favorite mode will become part of the game’s Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event which will likewise consist of a couple of brand-new cosmetics.

The duo mode was first launched back in November 2019 and ended up being an instantaneous hit with players. The mode lets players drop into matches in sets, instead of groups of 3 like the game’s requirementmode After that first restricted time event, the mode vanished and players have actually been asking for it back ever considering that. Respawn is bringing it back, however it’ll when again just be around for a restricted time.

The Valentine’s Day event will likewise consist of brand-new cosmetics consisting of a Valentine’s 2020 Bade, brand-new Pathfinder and Nessie weapon beauties, along with the return of in 2015’s Through the Heart DMR and Love the Game banner.

Apex Legends’ Valentine’s Day Rendezvous, and the game’s duo mode, will run from Feb. 11 to Feb. 18.

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