Marvel: Ant-Man gets a bizarre new ability and suit in new comic

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If you’ve ever questioned “Can Ant-Man interact with other sort of eusocial bugs, like bees?” question nomore He can absolutely speak to bees.

To be reasonable, Ant-Man # 1 may not have the most precise representation of bees, however it does have a really enjoyable one, in which the supervillain Swarm (a mad Nazi researcher who combined his awareness with a swarm of bees that strolls now pilots his skeleton like a fascist bone-bug mech) takes a lot of hives of bees to make himself larger. The bereft beekeepers call Scott Lang in to save their buzzing friends and, well … beesuit


What else is occurring in the pages of our preferred comics? We’ll inform you. Invite to Polygon’s weekly list of the books that our comics editor enjoyed this past week. It’s part society pages of superhero lives, part reading suggestions, part “take a look at this cool art.” There might be some spoilers. There might not suffice context. Click here if you missed out on last week. Let’s get going!

Ant-Man # 1

Image: Zeb Wells, Dylan Burnett/Marvel Comics.




I enjoy these bees.

The Dreaming #18

Image: Simon Spurrier, Marguerite Sauvage/DC Comics.

The Dreaming is so wonderfully excellent! I might state more however it would all be spoilers! , if you’re a Sandman fan you need to read it!!

X-Men/Fantastic 4 # 1

Image: Chip Zdarsky, Terry Dodson/Marvel Comics.

Reed and Sue Richards’ boy Franklin is losing his mutant powers, so the X-Men appeared to provide him a put on Krakoa. Reed got mad that they believed he could not repair his own boy, things got progressively heated and, well … Reed’s never ever actually been daddy of the year product. Chip Zdarsky and Terry Dodson’s miniseries is poking at some actually meaty concepts about parenting inside all the mutant metaphor.

Daredevil #17

Image: Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Fornés/ Marvel Comics.

And speaking of Zdarsky, it’s hard to get littles his Daredevil for these posts for spoiler factors, however it’s rather excellent and you must read it.

Marauders # 7

Image: Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli/Marvel Comics.

Marauders! Every concern I slap my knee like an old timey prospector and babble “Doggone it they have actually done did it once again!”

Black Feline # 9

Image: Jed MacKay, Kris Anka/Marvel Comics.

I’m a easy female. You advise me that Wolverine is a brief king, I put it in the roundup.

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