Neopets, the virtual pet community, is getting an animated TV series

Neopets, the online feeling that roped a million kids into discovering HTML simply to offer pieces of an omelette much better, might be concerning a little screen near you. That is, TV, not a computer. Neopets might be getting an animationshow


Canadian broadcasting business Blue Ant Media has actually made unique rights to establish a Neopets TV series, under its Singapore-based production business Beach Home Pictures.

” Beach Home Pictures is establishing brand-new characters and stories,” the business stated in a press release, “using the Blue Ant Studios animation team in Canada, to broaden the storytelling and bring added measurement to the Neopets kid- and family- friendly brand name.”

The Neopets game– actually more of a vast system of minigames, products to gather, auctions/shops, and online forums than anything– was never ever actually about a strong single plot, though there was a world full of charming animals ruled by humane fairies and alarmed by … some sort of … evils? Look, it’s been a very long time.

Released in 1999, Neopets is/ was a cherished youth diversion for lots of folks who matured in the ’00 s. I myself remember deserting my Neopets (i.e., turning the account password over to my little bro) just when I purchased my first World of Warcraft membership. The full history of the business is quite intriguing itself– a Neopets animation series has a great deal of possible instructions to enter.

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