Steam finally gets a PC take on Animal Crossing

Hokko Life is the current game to sign up with the pattern of relaxing life simulators where you can embellish and farm to your heart’s material.

As displayed in the trailer, it appears that you can garden, personalize how your town looks down to the positioning of your homes, and even create your own clothing. With all the villagers looking like canines and felines, Hokko Life seems Animal Crossing, however for PC– and we’re on board with that.

Unlike Animal Crossing and other life sims, it looks like you can particularly create your furnishings, positioning sofa cushions where you desire, while easily turning the furnishings around prior to you put it. It’s a personalization dream come true.

The game will enter into early gain access to in 2020, with a full release prepared for the first half of2021 Hokko Life will be offered for Windows by means ofSteam You canwishlist the game now


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