The Hunt gets new release date and trailer after provoking president

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” None people had an interest in taking sides with this film,” Jason Blum tells The Hollywood Press Reporter in a new interview revealing the return of his horror-thriller TheHunt Formerly set up to release last September, Universalpulled the film The plot supposedly discovers a group of “elites” searching “deplorables” in The majority of Unsafe Game-style, after Fox News, and later on President Trump, berated the facility.

In a couple of days after the release of a trailer, The Hunt ended up being the most questionable release of the year– however one that nobody had in fact seen.

Now, the movie is set to make its method back to theaters. The Hunt, composed by Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof, and directed by Craig Zobel, will strike theaters on March13

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In the THR interview, Lindelof describes why he and Blum wished to pull the film from its initialrelease


” For us there was simply a basic aggravation that no one was speaking about the film. They were all speaking about what their understanding of the film was– an understanding that was mainly formed based upon all the occasions in the after-effects of the dreadful weekend prior to. [But] we truly do not wish to be pointing fingers, and more notably, we do not wish to be wagging fingers at anybody for overreacting or responding improperly. We simply felt like the film was being misconstrued.”

A new trailer cleans up a few of the confusion that occurred after early plot leakages. There are a lot of homicidal, R-rated teases, however Hilary Swank’s character is blunt to anybody who wishes to spin the film a second time: “We were joking. You truly thought we were searching humans for sport?”

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