Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators revealed in teaser trailer

Ubisoft revealed Rainbow Six Siege’s 2 latest operators in a teaser trailer on Thursday, and– although they are not yet formally called– the cinematic appears to validate a great deal of concepts fans have actually had about what lies ahead.

The female walking (in obvious regular gravity) on the surface area of the moon seems Yana, and the robust private reservation through the desert is Oryx. The names originate from a leaked image that was posted to the Rainbow Six subreddit 2 days earlier.

The teaser trailer does not precisely tear down much of the reports fans have actually been finding out about these 2. Oryx, a protector, has actually been called Siege’s version of the Kool-Aid Man, busting down soft walls with brute force alone. Yana, an enemy, obviously has some type of holographic decoy skill, according to a report thatDexerto published on Monday


Needless to state, absolutely nothing else about the characters is understood. Ubisoft is thoroughly shepherding all of this info towards the weekend’s big expose for Operation Space Edge, the first season of the 5th year for the tactical multiplayer shooter. The season preview will be on Saturday, Feb. 15, throughout the Six Invitational, the game’s world championshipevent Operation Space Edge starts March 9 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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