The Division’s final boss has ghosted me for four years

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The Division 2 is getting a significant growth that brings players to a hurricane-wracked New york cityCity The brand-new map is interesting, however I’m far more concentrated on something else. For the last four years I have actually been taken in with a male called Aaron Keener, and if we do not murder him in a canonical and really apparent method, I’m going to have an outright disaster in the streets till someone repairs it.

Who is Aaron Keener?

Aaron Keener appeared in the first Divisiongame After a huge afflict eliminated a portion of humankind, the Division (a militaristic federal government superteam) was triggered to reconstruct and stem the tide New york city. (Or, in my case, to try out brand-new beanies and climb up scaffolding.)

Keener was among the first representatives sent out into the city. He right away chose and altered sides thatworld is a fuck Here is among his first lines of discussion: “There is absolutely nothing delegated conserve! […] It is everything about power now– power and survival.”

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The guy went from 0 to 100 on the supervillain scale. He’s constantly musing on the nature of power and the weak point of humankind while he tackles exploding a copter you remain in, hurting your colleagues, taking infections, kidnapping individuals, and attentively tape-recording audio logs that he then leaves around town.

We have actually just in fact seen Keener through idea art and rough video. He’s been an abstract figure and avoice It’s super discouraging. I’m ill of Aaron Keener ghosting me through post- apocalyptic America.

Why are you running. Why are you running?!
Image: Enormous Entertainment/Ubisoft.

Let me battle him !!!

The Division invested a great deal of time developing Aaron Keener and his wave of defected representatives, however we didn’t in fact battle him. He left, together with whatever he required to spread out the infection once again. Which is a quite strong follow up hook!

However then in The Division 2, Keener just exists in audio logs. He waffles in between wishing to hire the gamer and buffooning them for appreciating things like “order” and “the federal government.” My Division 2 representative was type of a problem individual, so I was interested to see if Keener would in fact show up in Washington. Rather, you find out that he has fucked off back to New york city City.

The Division let players flirt with the concept of going rogue andcommitting some light treason My representative is currently a scary blank slate who just has one method to connect with the world: Shoot weapon. I was captivated to see whether Keener would wind up being a real NPC that I might sign up with, however rather, it looks like he’s going to be the game’s most recent, most hazardous boss who drops the highest- level loot.

Image: Enormous Entertainment/Ubisoft.

The everlasting tease

Now a growth is coming out that will, at long last, let me battle the person face to deal with. We’re lastly getting in-universe premium pictures of him. He has an in-game design! It has never ever looked more specific that we are going to murder Aaron Keener.

However after the first game’s overall absence of closure, I understand I should not get my hopes up.

I completely anticipate the battle to end with Keener going, “Heh … absolutely nothing personnel, kid!” and after that smoke-bombing out.

The concept that he’s simply appearing now, in a growth … it appears too simple. The game’s designer, Enormous Home entertainment, has been hooking players with the concept of battling Aaron Keener and hanging it simply out of reach. Now that he’s here, I’m incredibly suspicious.

The Division 2 has currently pulled one bait-and-switch, where we believed we eliminated the leader of the plague-spreading Castaways, however she in fact left and was a boss later on down the line. What’s to state the studio won’ t do it once again, with the series’ greatest bad guy?

I’m pleading you, Enormous: Do not bossblock me on this one. Let me hunt, kill, and perhaps consume Aaron Keener. Show us the body after we eliminate him, and possibly have a character like Faye Lau stroll on screen, look straight into the cam, and state, “Huh! I think Aaron Keener is definitively dead, and won’ t be returning.”

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