For Honor celebrates three years with the Carousel of Death

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For Honor is commemorating an in-game event called the “Peace Celebration” with a competition called “Carousel of Death.”

Complicated tale, I’ll confess, however all of it ties into the tradition for the brand-new year and season For Honor simply introduced. And anyhow, the real event is the game’s 3rd anniversary, so Ubisoft Montreal is restoring a fan-favorite mode to the playlist from now till Feb. 27.

Carousel of Death is a 4v4 removal game key in which every death includes 5 seconds to a gamer’s respawn time. When all 4 of one team are dead at the very same time, the other team wins thematch Ubisoft Montreal is sprucing up the first week of celebrations with Carousel of Fire, an additional version which brings flaming geysers to the arena. If you wish to see what that looks like:

Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft.

All this is part of the Peace Celebration’s “Honor Games,” an in-world story in which all of the factions are at truce and their fantastic warriors are called forth to contend in a couple of friendlies. That lines up with the title of the brand-new year– “Year of the Numeration”– and its first season– “Hope”– which follows the catastrophic story of the preceding year of material. Season 1 is providing weapons and armor to players in better and more joyful colors.

The Honor Games event will use players a brand-new Fight Attire, Accessory and Impact, plus 4 more Instrument Emotes offered to all of For Honor’s heroes. Whatever in the package is offered till March 2 for 30,000 Steel (For Honor’s in-world currency).

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