Red Dead Online fix for disappearing animals does nothing

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After a year of arbitrarily disappearing animals in Red Dead Online, Rockstar lastly launched a patch to repopulate its world. According to fans, the spot hasn’t altered a thing.

In February of 2019, we reported that Red Dead Online was almost unplayable– in big part since all the game’s animals had actually inexplicably vanished. Gamer horses, wild deer, and even some townsfolk were missing out on from the game world totally. In a game everything about rural America and the wild west, animals play a big function in not just the game’s immersion, however likewise its lots of gameplay systems, such as searching.

Update 1.17, launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Thursday early morning, declared to fix this problem. The spot keeps in mind read: “Improvements to minimize concerns with ambient wildlife populations in specific Red Dead Online sessions. Continuous enhancements are underway to minimize these concerns throughout all platforms.”

However according to Red Dead Online fans checking out the brand-new experience, the spot has yet to fix the game’s population issues.

” Visited today and still saw no animals,” statedTwitter user Silentc0re Other users have actually required to Twitter to reveal a comparable belief– with the agreement being the spot failed its main instruction to return the animal population to Red DeadOnline Tez2 claims they had the ability to find some animals in a big lobby of players, however discovered a completely derelict swamp after changing sessions.

We understand gamer reports of low animal counts in Red Dead Online while playing in specific sessions. We are presently dealing with a fix and will offer an upgrade as soon as we have more details.

— Rockstar assistance (@RockstarSupport)February 3, 2020

The last time Rockstar assistance’s official Twitter account acknowledged the issue was Feb. 3, guaranteeing the 1.17fix Reached for comment, Rockstar did not react in time for press.

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