Stranger Things season 4 teaser answers the big season 3 cliffhanger

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We lastly understand who lagged the door at the end of Stranger Things season 3, As it ends up, it was a familiar face.

[Ed. note: For those going in blind, this post contains a big spoiler from Stranger Things season 4.]

The first teaser for season 4, which Netflix launched on Friday early morning, verifies that Hopper lives. He’s not precisely well, chained up someplace in a remote and snowy part of Russia.

The teaser does’ t offer us numerous information. The cam pans throughout a Russian jail camp, total with lots of detainees and guards building a railway. As we get closer to one detainee, the cam stops and Hawkins Constable Jim Hopper reverses.

Hopper was last seen in Hawkins, throughout season 3, in the secret laboratory under the Star Court shopping center, and was presumed dead after he heroically damaged the machine that was set to bring animals from the Upside Down into ourreality In the closing scene of season 3, it was exposed that someplace in a remote jail in Russia, an American was being kept alive in a cell.

Based Upon the teaser, it’s hard to inform anything about Hopper’s present state. He has actually a shaved head, and does not look enjoyed remain in the snow dealing with a railway. Is it the very same Hopper that conserved his liked ones in Hawkins? Or has he been persuaded? The bright side is, if he is a Russian sleeper representative now, we currently understand David Harbour can do the accent thanks to some great old Marvel training for Black Widow.

The season 4 teaser is called “From Russia With Love,” a nod to the 1963 Sean Connery Bond motion picture of the very same name. The motion picture’s story includes lots of Russian intrigue and espionage so it’s safe to presume we’ll get something comparable here. It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that part of From Russia with Love happens on the Orient Express, a far away traveler train, which together with the railway under building, might indicate that trains will serve a function in the brand-newseason


The teaser cuts to black instantly after we see Hopper and does not offer us any hints about when the show is set todebut Netflix launched in 2015’s season on the 4th of July, however previous seasons have actually been launched in October, so there’s truly no chance to understand. Anticipate Stranger Things season 4 at some point later on this year.

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