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With Final Fantasy 7 Remake less than 2 months away, Square Enix has posted the game’s opening cinematic, which shows off the first bit of the game along with a larger take a look at Midgar.

The scene, which probably plays when you start a brand-new game, shows the commercial city of Midgar and the desolate world outside of it. Trees and flowers do not prosper within the city, with substantial energy reactors planted around it, drawing the life out of the world. the flower seller we like and understand, Aerith, has actually handled to cultivate life within Midgar, even if it’s unappreciated.

The scene cuts to a train bring up to Sector 1 train station, bringing us to our hero, Cloud Strife. From here, Cloud will start his first objective dealing with Avalanche to assist lower the Shinra Electric Business.

A spooky version of Sephiroth’s renowned signature tune, “One Winged Angel,” plays throughout the opening, advising players of the fear to come. The tune does change to a redone version of the game’s initial opening style, a tune that never ever stops making the hairs on my neck rise. Each time.

Have a look at the initial opening below to compare.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake introduces April 10 on PlayStation 4, after being postponed by a month. The game will be a timed PS4 special up until 2021.

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