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5 movies to stream while you wait for Frozen 2 to hit Disney Plus

5 movies to stream while you wait for Frozen 2 to hit Disney Plus

If you have actually had “Into the Unidentified” stuck in your head for 3 months directly or your young child won’ t stop pricing quote Olaf, you’re most likely counting down the days up until you can stream Frozen2 The follow up to Disney’s smash hit, Frozen, will become offered on Disney Plus, though the business hasn’t yet revealed a release date.

Frozen 2 is presently offered to purchase on digital platforms like Amazon and Vudu, and will be launched on DVD and Blu-ray on Feb.25 In the meantime, you might view Frozen on Disney Plus for the gazillionth time– the animated movie belonged to the preliminary offerings when the platform released last November. We ‘d like to humbly recommend these 5 options to tide you and/or your children over while you (im) patiently wait for Frozen 2 to be offered to stream.



Like Frozen 2, Twisted stars a precious teen starlet from the early 2000 s (Mandy Moore to Frozen’s Kristen Bell) as a spunky young princess. Disney’s handle Rapunzel was launched 3 years prior to Frozen, and shares a number of the very same aspects: a princess with hidden wonderful powers; a gruff loner love interest; a protective pack animal buddy.

Twisted is streaming on Disney Plus.

20 th Century Fox.


For some non-Disney princess action, appearance to Fox Animation Studios’ Anastasia. Like Frozen 2, it’s mainly embeded in an arctic environment, which suggests 2 things: animated snow and charming winter season attire. As it’s based upon a specific grisly time in world history, Anastasia is a little edgier than many Disney movies (Rasputin is frightening!) It’s sweet and likewise amusing, and has outstanding music. Dimitri is hotter than Kristoff. Do not @ me.

Anastasia is streaming on HBO Go/HBO Now



If you liked taking a look at Frozen 2’s animated frozen tundras however believed, “I want this snow was more sensible,” you’ll like the live-action frozen tundras of the Disney Plus initial film Togo. If you come for the snow, you’ll remain for Willem Dafoe in a parka hanging out with a pack of Siberian Huskies. Togo is based upon the real-life story of the canine sled team that raced medication throughout Alaska throughouta 1925 diphtheria outbreak Balto got the majority of the credit (and a cartoon animation of his own) however Togo led the team that covered the longest stretch of the journey.

Togo is streaming on Disney Plus.



If you can keep in mind back to 2013, you may remember that Elsa was originally cast as the villain of Frozen, prior to the authors began to see her as merely misconstrued. For more twists on the concept of villainy, turn to the Disney Channel Original Film, Descendants. The DCOM occurs in a shared Disney universe, where the children of traditional Disney bad guys and heroes go to school together. (Yes, it’s really ridiculous. And really enjoyable.)

Descendants is streaming on Disney Plus.

Image: Sony Pictures Animation.

Cloudy with a Possibility of Meatballs

Elsa’s ice powers appear downright tame compared to Flint Lockwood’s machine that triggers food to rain below the sky. Cloudy with a Possibility of Meatballs is simply an underrated gem of a film. As the directorial debut of The Lego Motion picture’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller, it’s loaded with jokes that will make both moms and dads and kids laugh aloud.

Cloudy with a Possibility of Meatballs is streaming on DirecTV

Studio Ghibli.

Respectable reference: Groan’s Moving Castle

Though it’s not offered on streaming platforms yet, waiting for Frozen 2 is the ideal reason to have a look at Studio Ghibli’s Groan’s Moving Castle, which was just recently launched digitally for the first time. Like Elsa, the lead character Sophie discovers liberty in a “curse”– in Groan’s Moving Castle she’s cursed with aging. More meaningfully, however, while Frozen 2 straight deals with the threats of environment modification, Groan’s Moving Castle is a sharp criticism of war.

Groan’s Moving Castle is offered to purchase Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, andGoogle Play


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