Build-A-Bear Sonic the Hedgehog stuffed animal comes with bare feet

If there’s something we understand about Sonic the Hedgehog– aside from this preferences for going fast and consuming chili canines– it’s that he does not like to take his shoes off. Or rather, Sega does not like it when he takes his shoes off, which is why we never ever see Sonic’s feet in videogames They are constantly consisted of within bright red shoes, which’s canon.

However thanks to the brand-new Sonic the Hedgehog motion picture and luxurious toy maker Build-A-Bear Workshop, we now have a method to experience the blue blur barefoot. Build-A-Bear is offering a Sonic the Hedgehog (motion picture version) stuffed animal with the shoes off for $2999, which truthfully makes him look incredibly naked. If you desire a canon, completely equipped Sonic luxurious, you can purchase him as a Build-A-Bear’s collector’s present set, which comes with red tennis shoes and a gold ring “wristie.” That set will cost you $46

Image: Build-A-Bear Workshop/Sega.

If you so desire, you can likewise offer your Sonic the Hedgehog luxurious a built- in sound result, such as a customized voice message, 5 pre-recorded Sonic the Hedgehog catchphrases, a dinosaur holler (on sale for President’s Day), or “I Got You Babe” carried out by Sonny and Cher. You likewise have the choice of making your Sonic the Hedgehog luxurious odor like Thin Mints Woman Scouts Cookies, to name a few scrumptious fragrances.

Actually, however, the takeaway here is that Sonic the Hedgehog has blue feet and red paw pads, according to Build-A-Bear’s non-canonical take on Sega’s mascot. And if you choose a luxurious Sonic the Hedgehog with the shoes completely connected to keep this impression of always-on tennis shoes, you’ll need to look for among Build-A-Bear’s older Sonic stuffed animals on the secondhand market.

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