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Pattinson’s Batman costume is made of weapons–like in a Kevin Smith comic

Director Matt Reeves’ expose of Robert Pattinson in a brand-new batsuit signals that the start of primary photography for Warner Bros.’ The Batman can’t be far, however it didn’t offer lots of tips about the film otherwise. Other than that the sign on Batman’s chest looks a lot like pieces of a weapon– which might indicate The Batman is taking a page from KevinSmith


In 2018, Smith– director, star, and big geek– penned a brief story in Investigator Comics #1000, in honor of Batman’s 80 th anniversary. Illustrated by DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee himself, the comic saw a camouflaged Bruce Wayne checking out a blackmarket supervillain prop store in order to recuperate the weapon that was utilized to eliminate his moms and dads. The scene is sprinkled with panels of Batman fighting his rogues’ gallery, and getting shot, stabbed, slammed, or burned right in the bat- sign each time.

At the end, the story exposes that Bruce took the weapon back to the batcave and melted it down into a chestplate.

Image: Kevin Smith, Jim Lee/DC Comics.

” The metal that broke my heart as a kid?” Bruce’s narrative concludes, “That very same metal will safeguard my heart as a guy. Which is justice.”

Some fans believe that that’s precisely what we saw in the brief clip of Pattinson’s Batman costume, consisting of Kevin Smith himself.

The figure on his chest does look like 2 balanced pieces of military hardware. When we quizzed our own military game specialist, Charlie Hall, on the anatomy of those pieces, he acknowledged that it might be the grip of a weapon, split in half, perhaps an attack rifle receiver. What appears to be a belt clip on the main bases made him hesitant.

It’s possible the sign is something else completely– like 2 batarangs, folded and all set for usage, total with a belt clip for alternative storage. We’ll simply need to wait on more information from the set of The Batman, which will strike theaters on June 25,2021


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