Pokémon Go Lickitung raid guide: best counters and movesets

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To commemorate Valentine’s Day, Lickitung is having an unique raid day in Pokémon Go on Feb. 15 from 2 p.m. up until 5 p.m. in your regional time.

Throughout the event time, Lickitung will flood tier-four raids with the relocation Body Slam. If you spin gym discs throughout the event time, you’ll likewise get up to 5 totally free Raid Passes, however you can’t hold more than one at a time. This indicates you need to utilize the totally free Raid Pass you have prior to getting another.

This does stack with the Valentine’s Day event, which indicates you’ll get doubled sweet for capturing it. Ensure to utilize a Pinap Berry to double that sweet a second time.

Considering That Lickitung is a lower-tier raid than a Legendary Pokémon, it should not be too hard to take down. For a simple win, think about utilizing any of the following:

  • Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Hariyama with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario with Counter and Aura Sphere

Lickitung’s normal-typing methods that its only weak versus fighting-type relocations. If you do not have any strong fighting-types, utilizing any hard players like Rayquaza or Mewtwo will get the task done. Simply do not utilize any ghost-type relocations.

Fortunate players will be rewarded with a Shiny Lickitung.

Image: Niantic through Polygon.

Lickitung, when evolved with 100 sweet and a Sinnoh Stone, develops into Lickilicky. Lickilicky isn’t fantastic for health clubs or raids, however it is a respectable choice for the Ultra League in PvP. In PvE material, its best moveset is Lick with Active Beam or Solar Beam. In PvP, set it up with Lick with Earthquake and Shadow Ball.

For more details on raids, have a look at our guide here.

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