The greatest Sonic fan art on the internet (that we drew)

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This weekend, Sonic the Hedgehog, the first motion picture starring Sonic the Hedgehog, struck theaters.

While discussing the finer points of Sonic-related lore, and whether a follow up would ever expose the hero’s valuable toes, the Polygon personnel understood that, hi, we all wished to draw photos of Sonic the Hedgehog! we did. From memory.

A few of us have actually invested years in the Sonic fandom, improving every curved facial function and pencil-thin appendage. Others understood he had a lot of spiky things on his head.

Who drew Sonic the finest? You choose. (However please think about the artists’ declarations prior to you do.)

Charlie Hall

” Early on, I believed I would be the goof that made Sonic spinning. Simply a ball with some stink lines. I dedicated to that spiky hair. Whatever broke down when unexpectedly he had a declining hairline, trousers, and simply one arm.”

Chris Plante

” Teeth. Teeth teeth teeth. Molars. Dogs. Incisors. Teeth.”

Emily Heller

Julia Lee

” A very long time earlier, I utilized to be a teenager on deviantArt with a Sonic the Hedgehog OC. This has actually offered me the definitely inhumane skill of illustration Sonic the Hedgehog, and the majority of his good friends, actually well from memory. It’s like a bar technique. When I fulfill brand-new individuals, my good friends require I do it. Every time I enter a tech store, I draw a Sonic on one of their tablets and leave.

Chelsea Stark

” I believed I had the eyes down, however things began to break down rapidly when I got to his hand. Therefore, I chose to make my Sonic an upset devil with no real legs. Simply feet.”

Patrick Gill

” I have actually drawn numerous thousand sonics over my life. I was trying to catch a few of the vibrant energy of Archie Sonic Cover art, which was constantly better than the realart I stopped working.”

Jenna Stoeber

” I wished to seed the plant-bed with more entries since I didn’t believe many individuals would take part since I deeply ignored my unpopular ass colleagues.”

Ryan Gilliam

” What actually speaks with me about Sonic is his color pattern. I made him purple by mishap. “

Karen Han

” What if the secret to making Sonic cuter was making him more reasonable? We examine, with science.”

Simone de Rochefort

” I began with the eyes, then the eyebrow, the spikes, and the nose. When I positioned Sonic’s mouth, my issues started. I put a little mouth right below his nose. Now, I understand Sonic has a big head. I began drawing Sonic’s popular, big, round head and when I attempted to confine the mouth in the head I understood I had actually made a dreadful error. I attempted to extend the mouth, however that didn’t repair theproblem Discouraged, I continued drawingSonic His body is bean-like, soft andround I believe I did alright at that. His noodle arms looked bad from the start, and by the time I reached his glove-hands the life and hope were draining pipes from my body. Sonic’s legs … the less that is stated of them, the much better. I did an excellent task on his shoes, however.”

Matt Patches

” Some state illustration Sonic is more about recording his spirit than imitating his initial appearance. I offer myself and this drawing a thumbs up.”

Petrana Radulovic

” I was motivated by long Furby.”

Russ Frushtick

” I forgot how arms go.”

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