Home Entertainment DC Comics Batman/Catwoman series teases pregnant Catwoman with bat baby

DC Comics Batman/Catwoman series teases pregnant Catwoman with bat baby

DC Comics Batman/Catwoman series teases pregnant Catwoman with bat baby

Tom King might have completed his run on Batman, however he’s refrained from doing with the character by a long shot, as the author teased on Twitter today. King tweeted a caring picture of Catwoman and Batman welcoming on a Gotham City gargoyle, however there’s simply something: Catwoman is, uh, superpregnant


All indications indicate this image being art from King’s upcoming series Batman/Catwoman, billed as the final cap on his Batmanstory In King’s 85- problem run on Batman, drawn by numerous artists, Batman and Catwoman almost got wed, and ultimately dealt with to remain together without an official dedication.

While Clay Mann (Heroes in Crisis, Batman) is the main artist on Batman/Catwoman, the art in this tweet does not seem in his design, and looks closer to the work of among King’s other veteran partners, Mikel Janin (Batman, Grayson). King prefaced the image just with a bat emoji and a feline emoji, leaving very little context to go on.

Back in 2018, when all the Batman comics were increase for Batman and Catwoman’s cancelled wedding event, Selina didn’t appear gung ho to replicate with Bruce, as she discussed to her step-son-to-be, Damian Wayne.

Image: Tim Seeley, Brad Walker/DCComics

On the other hand, she and Bruce both went through a great deal of growth and soul browsing in the 35 problems after their non-wedding– she might extremely well have actually altered her mind. It would not be the first time Batman and Catwoman had a baby, either. The Huntress, recently presented to movie theater audiences in Birds of Victim, was initially the vigilante child of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle of Earth -2, total with a high-pointed mask that offered her the very same shape as her bat- father.

It likewise would not be the first time King has actually put a superhero couple in a famliy method: Mister Miracle and Big Barda invited their baby, Jack, in King and Mitch Gerads’ Mister Miracle.

On the other other hand, Tom King likes his dream series, so possibly this panel is all a tactic. The only thing we can state with sensible surety at this moment is that Batman/Catwoman will a minimum of be exploring what it would be like if Batman and Catwoman had ababy


And likewise that Selina’s outfit has a lot more offer to it than it looks.

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