Homeworld 3 devs working on another game, and the name sounds familiar

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The team behind Homeworld 3, Blackbird Interactive, has a second game pertaining to early gain access to this summertime. Hardspace: Shipbreaker is a campy, first- individual expedition of the spacefaring category that puts players in the function of a “cutter,” charged with slicing up old starships for scrap. You can see the game’s first trailer on YouTube, and ingrained above. There’s more details on the method tomorrow by means of Twitch at 11: 00 a.m. ET.

However that name ought to soundfamiliar Blackbird utilized something extremely comparable as the initial title for an extremely various videogame It was a game that eventually caused the studio’s go back to its roots in the Homeworld franchise.

In 2013 Blackbird revealed Hardware: Shipbreakers with an interview at Rock, Paper Shotgun, calling it a game “everything about enormous trucks wallowing a big desert” predestined forFacebook 10 days later on a brand-new trailer emerged. Shipbreakers was now a “standalone” title, without its social media hooks, that was straight influenced by the Homeworld franchise. It would likewise be totally free toplay


Simply a couple of months later on, Transmission– which has actually purchased the Homeworld intellectual property at auction throughout the exact same period– actioned in to assist Blackbird total the game, and grant them access to the science fiction license itself. By 2015, Hardware: Shipbreakers was retitled Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Now an appropriate real-time technique game, it would go on to turn into one of the finest examples of the category made in the last years.

The brand-new Shipbreakers is rather the departure from that initial “social technique” game revealed forFacebook It’s first- individual, for one, however it’s likewise over-the- leading. The gamer works for a business called Lynx, and appears to have actually willingly gone into a type of indentured bondage in order to go to externalspace It has to do with the outermost you might receive from the high-stakes, operatic impressive of the Homeworld franchise. Ideally it provides the team at Blackbird a good outlet for their imaginative energies– and someplace to put all that old principle art from 2013.

Homeworld 3 remains in advancement thanks in part to a crowdfunding campaign on the Fig platform. Shipment of backer benefits, consisting of copies of the game, are noted for the 4th quarter of 2022.

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