PlanetSide 2 developer ‘supporting’ the game in hopes of a sequel

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PlanetSide 2, the multiplayer combat game that first introduced in 2012, is getting a big update on Wednesday. Executive manufacturer Andy Sites informs Polygon that it’s part of an effort to pave the method for a capacity PlanetSide 3. He states the sequel has actually not officially been revealed, however his freshly rearranged studio is dedicated to doing “whatever” it requires to do to keep the franchise practical. In the meantime that suggests “supporting” the live version of PlanetSide 2 with brand-new features and material.

Reports of a PlanetSide 3 have actually been flowing for a while, reaching newly found strength in October2019 When Websites himself relatively verified that the game had actually been greenlit in an official blog post, that’s. Now, he states that’s just not the case.

” I did not formally reveal that PlanetSide 3 was in advancement,” Websites informed Polygon throughout a telephone interview in January.

The last couple of months have actually been a turbulent time for Daybreak Games, the business behind not just PlanetSide however likewise EverQuest, DC Universe Online and H1Z1. It just recently transitioned to the function of publisher, rearranging its significant brand names under 3 different studios. Rogue World Games, which Sites leads, is now exclusively accountable for the PlanetSide franchise. That studio itself is withstanding its own set of difficulties, consisting of the decision to wind down PlanetSide Arena, an early gain access to game that was just live on Steam for a couple of months.

Now Sites states his team is putting all its energy into renewing PlanetSide 2, which is offered on PC and PlayStation 4.

” Like all games and franchises that have actually been running for practically 17 years like PlanetSide, we’re constantly thinking of the future,” Websites stated. “We’re not by any methods all set to start discussing PlanetSide 3 in any sort of comprehensive information. […] Our focus is truly supporting PlanetSide 2.”

The brand-new upgrade, which goes live tomorrow for PC players, is calledEscalation It will consist of Bastion Fleet Carriers, which Rogue World refers to as a “enormous interplanetary craft can be called into fight when rearmed and refueled.” Bastions will function as a mobile base of operations for factions as they do fight throughout the game’s enormous 64- kilometer-square battlegrounds. It’s something the neighborhood has actually been eagerly anticipating for a very long time, and will ideally revive the game.

” There will be no PlanetSide 3 if we do not continue supporting PlanetSide 2, and we do not continue revealing that the PlanetSide experience is incredible and unrivaled,” Websites stated. “So our focus today in the short-term is continuing to enhance that with the livegame In due time we’ll be all set to start discussing the future, which would be a PlanetSide 3.”

When asked if, offered the brand-new studio structure, Daybreak would release Planetside 3 ought to the game get made, Websites stated the studio would do “whatever [it needs] to do to continue moving the franchise forward.”

” Preferably that’s with Daybreak,” Websites stated. “If there’s alternate methods of publishing, and Daybreak’s fine with that, then we’re excellent to go as so long as that suggests we have the ability to continue providing what we wish to with PlanetSide.”

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