Pokémon Sword and Shield cartoon shows a gym leader dealing with defeat

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As Pokémon trainers, our ascent to Champion standing within the video game franchise is virtually foretold. The gym leaders alongside the best way, in the meantime, are purported to be one of the best on the earth — so that you gotta think about that these folks really feel one thing once they get beat. And whereas some leaders take defeat gracefully, a few of them appear more likely to battle with their failure and maybe doubt themselves within the future. Gym leaders are, in any case, merely human.

This isn’t one thing we ever see within the games, however it’s the complete premise behind the newest brief for Pokémon: Twilight Wings. Right here, fighting-type specialist Bea from Pokémon Sword will get bested by Leon, the Galar champion. Dismayed, Bea takes a while off from her gym to go and practice within the desert. She’s decided to higher herself, which is an admirable goal, besides she would possibly take it a little too far right here.

My favourite half needed to be when Bea takes on a Machamp in hand-to-hand fight. She might have misplaced to Leon, however man, she’s a trooper.

And as a bonus: The top of the brief would possibly tease one thing from the upcoming Sword and Shield expansions.

It seems as if Bea may need ended up within the Isle of Armor from the Pokemon Sword and Shield growth pass on the finish of the brand new anime brief ?? pic.twitter.com/YNrx826Mkf

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