Final Fantasy 14 now lets me have an entire shelf dedicated to cheese

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I have actually been sorting through the material in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers’ newest spot for the past day approximately now, and I have actually discovered the most essential brand-new upgrade: the Cheese Collection.

Square Enix added a providing product that is a shelf ofcheese A Twitter user pointed out the shelf and I instantly went to to craft the shelf for myself. I collected the wood, turned it into lumber, and prepared yourself to make my dreamshelf I did not, nevertheless, make the cheese from scratch. It was inexpensive enough on the marketboard, so I purchased it, other than the individual offered it in a stack of 97, so I’m delighted to likewise reveal that I am now the owner of 93 additional bowls of home cheese.

I think I might have purchased the smaller sized stack of 72, however I was too thrilled about the concept of cheese to notification
Image: Square Enix by means of Polygon.

If you likewise desire a wonderful shelf of cheese, you can make one, as long as you have a high leveled carpenter. It needs 5 Lignum Vitae Lumber, 2 White Oak Lumber, 4 bowls of Home Cheese, and 4 pieces of Cream Cheese. If you do not feel like crafting, you can likewise absolutely purchase one off the marketboard.

The product’s description states the following:

Why in the gods’ name would an individual collect such an quantity of cheese? A strange fixation? A yearning that goes beyond all factor? Some way of cheese- associated prophecy understood just to a prohibited sect? Whatever the factor, one can just hope that the results are still salable.

The response is easy, Final Fantasy 14 tooltip: I desire a big quantity of cheese since I will consume this substantial quantity ofcheese Oh, how I desire this shelf filled with cheese in reality. Take a look at the range. Take a look at just how much cheese that is. Do you have any concept how costly a full wheel of cheese is?

Now my just problem is determining if I desire to rip down my modernly embellished home simply to flood it wall-to- wall with these cheese racks …

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