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Fortnite season 2’s biggest changes include spy agencies, a new cardboard box

Fortnite chapter 2’s second season is here, however sadly, there are still no official spot notes. Simply like all of chapter 2 season 1, Impressive has declined to include official spot keeps in mind with the new season spot, so we’re doing our finest to find out what has actually altered and what hasn’t.

The biggest changes this spot appear to have actually struck the island itself. The Ghost and Shadow factions, which seem deceptive espionage companies, have actually taken control of the whole island. They have hideouts all around the map, and obviously players will have the ability to defend one side or the other,at least according to Epic’s preview post


As part of this new modification, there are all sort of new points of interest expanded around the map. These include an overseas oil well, a huge private yacht, and more than a couple of secret bases expanded in other locations.

When it comes to the gameplay itself, the changes are a bit more difficult to track. Without any spot notes, folks on Reddit have actually currently begun creating their ownunofficial lists of the changes


It appears that Damage Traps, P90 s, and Bolt Action Sniper Rifles have actually all been risen. Weapons like the Minigun, C4, Grapplers, all the reduced weapons, and even Introduce Pads are back in competitive play.

There likewise seem new vaults in the game that enable players to open them and gather the loot within, however just if they have the ideal secretcards Players can likewise now toss consumable products, like guard potions, which need to produce some intriguing team plays. As a nod to the espionage games that came prior to it, it appears there’s a new version of the old Bush: a cardboard box created to improve players’ sneakiness.

While these are the majority of the changes that have actually been discovered up until now, this is Fortnite, which implies that there are most likely lots more changes waiting to be found. Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 is live now, and will continue up until April29


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