Witcher 3 Novigrad Places of Power locations map

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As you check out The Witcher 3’s world, you’ll come across Places ofPower These wonderful stones briefly increase the strength of Geralt’s Indications. You’ll likewise get a Capability Point the first time you check out each Location of Power.

To utilize a Location of Power, approach the radiant stone and press the triggered button. Pushing it quickly will get you your Sign enthusiast, however you’ll need to hold it down for a couple seconds to gather your Capability Point on your first see.

Below, we have actually got a map for both Places of Power in Novigrad.

Novigrad Places of Power locations map

Novigrad Places of Power locations
Image: CD Projekt Red through Polygon.

The totally free city of Novigrad is the 3rd area you’ll check out in The Witcher3 As soon as the Places of Power are marked as Points of Interest enigma (together with whatever else from another location intriguing in the area), you’ll have some checking out to do to reach them.

Utilize our map above to figure out which of those enigma are Places ofPower We have actually likewise identified the location’s Signposts to make it much easier to Fast Travel near to each.

Going To a Location of Power will rub the associated Sign for 30 minutes.

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