Westworld season 3 trailer sets up a world war of robots

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Westworld season 3 premieres in less than a month, and its final trailer shows the series pressing even further into the world of sci-fi action than it has in the past.

The trailer foreshadows the conference of Aaron Paul’s brand-new character, Caleb, and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood); the start of their campaign to ruin Delos, Inc. by any methods essential; and the opposition they’ll deal with along the method– particularly, Thandie Newton as Maeve.

There’s likewise a Weapons n’ Roses piano accompaniment of “Sugary food Kid o’ Mine,” some Elon Musk supertrucks and an OCP mech with Robocop vibes, flaming bike fu, and Ed Harris getting a rather rough teeth-cleaning. 4 stars, Joe Bob says check it out.

Westworld season 3 debuts March 15 on HBO. The previous trailer lastly put down a timeline for the occasions in this alternate future, setting this season in the year2058 A press release from HBO costs season 3 as “a dark odyssey about the dawn of synthetic awareness and the birth of a brand-new type of life on Earth.”

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