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8 new movie trailers of the week: Westworld, The Secret Garden, and more

8 new movie trailers of the week: Westworld, The Secret Garden, and more

A million movie trailers drop online weekly, which can make it hard to keep track of what’s really showing up in theaters and on home screens. To assist parse through the unlimited stream of upcoming movie and TELEVISION releases, we have actually put together a list of the most amazing (and in many cases, weirdest) trailers that came out today, together with a buzz level score, tracking whether these specific trailers really delighted us about the upcoming item. Scared you might have missed out on something? Worry no more.

Today features one of the most hype-worthy trailers yet as we get a take a look at the next season of Westworld. There’s likewise a more concrete take a look at Netflix’s I Am Not Okay With This, together with a couple of other new HBO and Netflix series boiling down the pipeline.

I Am Not Okay With This

Sophia Lillis of It popularity stars as mad 17- year-old Sydney, who comes to grips with the discomfort of maturing, the death of her dad, and the reality that she might have explosive superpowers. Is it simply the age of puberty? Everybody feels like a freak often, somebody informs her. A grocery aisle takes off!

Launch date: Feb. 26 on Netflix

Buzz level: 7. Absolutely here for a coming-of- age tale where it appears like superpowers are a metaphor for those big, unsightly teenage sensations.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a precious staple of children’s literature. (With regrettable colonialist vibes throughout, however, what art wasn’t sadly tinged with manifest destiny in 1910?) The plot follows sickly, unloved 10- year-old Mary– this is actually her character description– who was born in India to rich British moms and dads, and is sent out to cope with a separated uncle after her moms and dads pass away of cholera. The book concentrated on snobby, obnoxious Mary as she found out to be less snobby and obnoxious while checking out the moors and making pals. This movie, nevertheless, actually highlights the adventure and secret parts of the plot. What else would you get out of the manufacturer of the Harry Potter motion pictures?

Launch date: April 17 in theaters

Buzz level: 5. Possibly I ‘d be more delighted if I, too, were a sickly, unloved 10- year-old woman.

Children of the Sea

A beautiful animated tale including a kid raised by dugongs, mystical humpback whale tunes, and worlds beyond this one. There’s likewise an appealing signature tune!

Launch date: In United States theaters April 20 and 22

Buzz level:8 I like whales, I like oceans, I like mystical connections to other people and a world simply beyond our own.


Believe reverse The Leftovers plus reverse Outlander. The contemporary world is shaken by an abrupt increase of visitors from the past, who are dealt with as refugees (with all the attendant political strife) as they try to handle their unintended displacement. Part of that assimilation indicates that a person of these “beforeigners,” as they’re called, signs up with the cops department, assisting resolve criminal offenses and bridge the space in between neighborhoods.

Launch date: Feb. 18 on HBO

Buzz level: 6. Time-travel shenanigans are constantly enjoyable!


Ryan Murphy continues to do practically whichever jobs he desires with Halston, a Netflix series about the designer of the exact same name, who increased to prominence in the ’70 s. Ewan McGregor stars in the title function, with Rebecca Davan co-starring as Elsa Peretti, Krysta Rodriguez as Liza Minnelli, and Rory Culkin as Joel Schumacher.

Launch date: Not yet revealed, on Netflix

Buzz level: 7. Stroll, stroll, style, infant.

Big Time Teenage Years

Pete Davidson stars as a college dropout loser who takes a high-schooler under his wing. It’s an obscene, coming-of- age funny for the streaming age! Anticipate lots of weed, of course, and Davidson’s lovely horrible bleached hair.

Launch date: March 13 in choose theaters, March 20 on Hulu

Buzz level: Eh … a strong 4. Have not we seen this plot prior to? I recommend reimaginings of attempted-and-true stories, however Davidson’s actually bad hair is simply such a turn-off.


Take Hulu’s The Act, about a real case of Munchausen by proxy, and integrate it with every season of American Scary Story where Sarah Paulson yelled, and you get Run. This scary movie follows an extremely overprotective mom and her protected child.

Launch date: May 8 in theaters

Buzz level: 6. Do not get me incorrect, I like Sarah Paulson, and she can shriek at me whenever she desires, however I feel like I understand how this one ends.

Westworld Season 3

Westworld’s back, infant! After nearly 2 years of hiatus, the struck HBO show about the robotic transformation is returning. Last we saw, the robotics occupying the Westworld parks as glorified NPCs had actually lastly begun taking matters into their own hands, rebelling versus their makers and breaking out into the real life.

Launch date: March 15 on HBO

Buzz level:10 I will enjoy anything that consists of Ed Harris stating, “I’m gon na conserve the *ing world.”

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