Fortnite: How to open ID crates and doors guide

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Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 is everything about being a super, secret spy. There are some doors and chests that need ID scanning to open. If you can get past the sensing unit, these locations normally have fantastic loot–.

Here are the 2 methods to open ID locked chests and doors in Fortnite season 2.

Utilizing a camouflage

In camouflage, you can open ID locks and chests
Image: Legendary Games by means of Polygon.

As you check out around the map, you’ll discover telephone cubicles (seen in the image at the top of this post). It will camouflage you as a henchman if you stroll up to one of these cubicles and communicate. As a henchman, you have a couple of distinct benefits. You can stroll by turrets and cams without detection, and fellow henchmen won’ t notification you.

While camouflaged, you can likewise open unique ID doors and chests. Merely stroll up and struck the usage button to scan your character.

If you’re camouflaged, beware prior to going into combat. You’ll lose the camouflage and need to go back to the phone cubicle if you get struck.

Utilizing a henchman

Scan the henchman to open the lock
Image: Legendary Games by means of Polygon.

The less suave, however definitely feasible, method to open an ID locked door or chest is to knock out a guard and bring them to the scanner. Walk the location and attempt to discover a henchman– you can eavesdrop for their grumbles. Shoot them enough to get them crawling on the ground when you discover one.

Get the guard and bring them to the ID lock you need toopen If you desire to scan the henchman, the timely will alter to ask. Strike the usage secret to scan them, and the lock will popopen


If you’re on PC, this can be a bit more hard– depending upon your keybindings. Enter into your settings and make certain your usage secret and get things secret are various. If they’re the exact same, you won’ t be able to scan the henchman.

No matter which technique you pick, opening ID locked doors is a fantastic method to get some killer loot, and it’s normally worth the time it takes.

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