Fortnite: How to open the vault inside The Rig guide

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Fortnite season 2 is spy themed. In addition to ID scan doors and a banana in a tuxedo, there’s likewise a concealed vault situated in The Rig, and you need an unique keycard to getinside


Here’s where to discover the keycard to the vault, and where on The Rig it lies.

Getting the keycard

Eliminate TNTINA and she will drop the Rig Keycard
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When you leave the fight bus, search for The Rig on the left side of your map– it looks simply like an oil well, hard to miss out on. Fall and arrive on the roofing of among the structures. Get a weapon and make certain you slip around– there are loads of henchmen here, and they like to shoot on sight.

Stroll to the center of The Rig and watch out for TNTINA (visualized at the top of this post). TNTINA is the boss of The Rig, and you can determine her by her red t-shirt with a yellow grenade painted on it. If you eliminate her, she likewise brings a big bow– which you can utilize. She likewise has a crown icon above her head when you look at her if you’re having problem recognizing TNTINA.

When you discover TNTINA, utilize your weapons to eliminate her. She will drop the Rig Keycard, which you need to open thevault Select it up, and jump off TheRig


Where on The Rig is the vault?

With the Rig Keycard in your pocket, jump into the water under TheRig Swim to the leading best strut– the one right above the “R” in “Rig” on your mini-map. Because you have the keycard, you’ll have an icon pointing you in the instructions of thevault Walk to the inside of the strut and location a staircase. Stroll up and ruin the wall to your. The gallery above ought to stroll you through the actions.

Inside the strut, you’ll discover an essential reader and thevault Scan your secret to open the vault door. Inside, get all the loot you can hold, and usage the porta-potty in the corner to teleport you to the neighboring overload in the mainland.

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