After getting ‘laid off,’ Animal Crossing’s ornery Mr. Resetti has a new job in New Horizons

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Well, well, looks like Resetti has a job once again.

When last we became aware of Animal Crossing’s peevish mole, the Nintendo Change’s autosave function was going to moot his job in Animal Crossing: NewHorizons Because the first Animal Crossing in 2002, Resetti would manage players resetting their games and cast a suspicious eye upon those doing so to make use of thegame Lead designer Aya Kyogoku stated directly in 2015 that Resetti had actually been released: “He was laid off from his position,” Kyogoku informed Mashable. Cold blooded!

However Kyogoku assured to discover Resetti another job, and it appears he kept that pledge. Thursday’s Nintendo Direct showed New Horizons rescue service (timestamp 10: 55). Players who get stuck (or are just too lazy to stroll back home) can be gotten by a helicopter, whose whiskered nosecone and hard-hat rotor assembly appearance suspiciously like Resetti.

He’s not the pilot though; when you call the rescue chopper, the dispatcher sounds rather like Resetti (timestamp 11: 13) It’s great that they discovered the old-timer a gig; I ‘d dislike to believe he was going to lose his pension or something.

My only hope is that the more and more a gamer utilizes the rescue chopper, the more and more pissed Resetti is when he addresses the batphone. In previous games, Resetti could not stop players from resetting, however he might make the procedure unpleasant as hell, with longwinded, all-caps tirades and dangers to bring in Vinny, a relative who’s in the mob. Resetti’s haranguing has been so extreme that 2008’s Animal Crossing: City Folk required a note to moms and dads encouraging them that young children may be disturbed by Resetti’s scoldings.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is coming March 20, 2020 to Nintendo Change.

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