Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a ‘Hot Coffee’ mod

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Somebody made a “Hot Coffee” mod for Red Dead Redemption 2, and the developer states Rockstar Games nearly quickly sent them a need to desist and stop with the callback to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ AO-rated scandal from 15 years earlier.

” Hot Coffee” is, in the meantime, still available on Nexus Mods, and while I’m obliged to flag that page and its highlights video NSFW, understand that everybody is gettin’ it on completely outfitted, like this is Cinemax circa 1988 or something. The dry-humping is rather intentional about what’s taking location, and Arthur Morgan and his accompaniment do a reasonable quantity of groaning and groaning in flagrante delicto.

This was still adequate to get Rockstar’s legal team on the case. YouTube’s Swegta called attention to the mod and the dustup in a video on Monday, and talked to among the modders, Unlosing. The modder reacted to the takedown need by asking what policies they had actually broken, as the mod does not utilize any external possessions, and every animation and sound clip originates from material still in the game.

” Honestly, it is the sexual material of the Hot Coffee mod that is triggering specific issue here,” stated the action, according to Unlosing (at 6: 32 of Swegta’s video), “and the main reason the mod requires to be removed and handicapped instantly.” Hey, a minimum of they were directly up about it.

PCGamesN also followed up with Unlosing, who stated he has no strategies to remove the mod at any timesoon Unlosing explained that the mod has no nudity, utilizes possessions still in the game, their noises are really a basic action to injury, and the mod is just readily available for the game’s single-player mode. “To address your concern: no, I do not believe it’s reasonable,” Unlosing stated.

Still, satirizing Hot Coffee is most likely the bridge too far. Many who remember it laugh today, it was a no-joke crisis for Rockstar Games back in 2005. That was no mod, either; designers left in code for a sort of sex-act minigame in between C.J. and his numerous dates (who welcome him in for the titular coffee). Somebody found it, emerged it, and the reality it was still part of the game suggested the ESRB re-rated the title to the kiss- of-death Grownups Just.

Merchants needed to eliminate the game from sale and re-sticker it with the brand-new ranking, or return their stock to Take-two Interactive. Rockstar revealed a item recall, covered the old game to keep Hot Coffee from playing, and after that released a brand-new edition of the game with the upseting code removed out. The Federal Trade Commission still brought a fit versus Rockstar, which was settled a year later on. In a wide-ranging interview with the Guardian in 2012, all that Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser would state about the matter is that it was “distressing and draining pipes– a bumpy ride in the business.”

Anyhow, it’s still readily available in the meantime. It enables Arthur to employ an escort at any of 3 places, the Valentine Saloon, the Saint Denis Saloon, and the Strawberry Hotel.

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