Westworld fan digs up three more ‘secret’ trailers for Season 3

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2 more Westworld mini-trailers have actually appeared, thanks to a fan rooting through a marketing website HBO set up for a fictitious business in the show’s futuristic world.

Among them (above) is more gag than trailer, although it does show a lot of Caleb’s (Aaron Paul) budding love with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) along with University of California alumnus and Skittles lover Marshawn Lynch. Now with 35 percent more love. Uncertain how they came to that figure, however we’ll hold them to it, anyhow.

The second one is more or less a variation of the official Season 3 trailer that HBO dropped on Thursday, other than it does not have the Weapons n’ Roses player-piano cover, and there are a couple of various shots from about 2: 10 on.

And finally there’s this, sort of a scene- or a mood-setter including a great deal of video footage well out of context.

Redditor MTC_Chickpea found the three videos, all unlisted on YouTube, by poking aroundthe Incite, Inc. site Prompt is obviously the real wicked business behind all the bad things in Season 3.

Westworld Season 3 premieres March 15 on HBO.

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