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Love Live!, the Japanese anime idol series, explained

Love Live!, the Japanese anime idol series, explained

In 2014, Love Live! School Idol Celebration ended up being numerous anime fans’ entrance into mobile gacha games and idol culture. Now a brand-new spinoff, Love Live! All Stars, is out, and there’s a lot to learn about the rhythm game franchise prior to you dive in.

Love Live! is an idol music project focused around anime women. Initially a story project released in Dengeki G’s Publication, it ultimately spun-off into rhythm games, a number of seasons of anime, and even whole albums of Love Live!music


Personally, the series was my entrance to other idol game franchises, like Idolm@ster and Bang Dream!, however great deals of anime fans discovered their calling assisting the idols in Love Live!. In Spite Of the truth that the majority of the material for any of these series remains in Japanese, the worldwide reach is obvious throughout social media, with the School Idol Celebration reachingover 23 million overseas players in November 2019 If you have actually ever seen someone with a Twitter bio that states something like “MikaP” or “UmiP,” that suggests that they’re the manufacturer that idol, and she’s their preferred. the series has a mainly adult male fanbase in Japan, it’s taken pleasure in by all types of individuals, with women making up a big piece of the series’ Western fanbase.

Love Live! School Idol Celebration initially concentrated on 9 women from Otonokizaka Academy in their school idolclub The women unite to develop a group called μ’s (noticable “muse”) and you assist them discover success as theirmanager Ultimately, the series broadened, including 2 more groups of 9 women: Aquors (noticable “aqua”) and the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.

Beyond the mobile phone game, Love Live! is a cultural phenomenon. It’s more than simply an anime series or game– it’s a skilled group of real-life entertainers who place on sold-out shows in Tokyo and rank to name a few skilled artists on music charts.

How do you play the game?

You search women of different rarities, make a team of 9 with them, and play a tune. The much better statistics on your women, the much better you’llscore You just struck the upcoming circle notes to the music.

There’s likewise littles story in between levels for you to engage with the women and read what they depend on.

To construct teams, you’ll need to make cards through either finishing occasions or by utilizing the gachasystem Teams can have duplicates of the exact same lady and each lady will have a myriad of various cards, showcasing them in various attire or scenarios. Is it summer season? You wagered a lot of cards of the women in swimwear. Is it Halloween? Time for witch or satanic force attire! Because the cast is restricted, each lady gets method more focus than state, Fire Symbol: Heroes, where just the most popular of characters get numerous variations.

You can see video of School Idol Celebration, which will continue to be upgraded by designers Bushiroad and KLab, in action below.

Who are the women?

Each group is comprised of 3 first- year women, 3 second- year women, and 3 third-year women, with the second- year women normally being viewed as the “main” characters by the franchise. Each lady gets about the exact same quantity of brand-new material, so this generally remains true when relating to the animeseries True anime idol culture needs you choose a couple of as your favorites and concentrate on producing them, gathering all their cards, and ending up being a diehard fan– however you do not need to, obviously.


From delegated right: Honoka, Umi, Kotori, Maki, Nico, Eli, Nozomi, Hanayo, Rin
Image: Dawn.

As the initial set of women μ’s is probably the most populargroup It features idols like the plain, however hardworking Honoka Kōsaka, and the fan of rice Hanayo Koizumi.

  • First-years: Hanayo Koizumi, Rin Hoshizora, Maki Nishikino
  • Second-years: Honoka Kōsaka, Kotori Minami, Umi Sonoda
  • Third-years: Nico Yazawa, Nozomi Tojo, Eli Ayase


From delegated right: Ruby, Dia, Hanamaru, Riko, Chika, Kanan, You, Mari, Yoshiko
Image: Dawn.

Aquors is the second group and they all go to a school by the ocean, Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. The group features siblings Dia and Ruby Kurosawa, and edgy “fallen angel” Yoshiko Tsushima.

  • First-years: Yoshiko Tsushima, Ruby Kurosawa, Hanamaru Kunikida
  • Second-years: Chika Takami, Riko Sakurauchi, You Watanabe
  • Third-years: Kanan Matsuura, Dia Kurosawa, Mari Ohara

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

From delegated right: Karin, Emma, Ayumu, Shizuku, Kasumi, Ai, Rina, Setsuna, Kanata

Unlike the other 2 groups, these women are not in a group together. They all work separately as part of their school’sclub The club has members like Rina Tennoji, who constantly covers her face, and Ai Miyassita, a trendy lady who likes to make puns. This group does not have its own anime series yet, however one has actually been revealed to air in the future.

  • First-years: Kasumi Nakasu, Shizuku Osaka, Rina Tennoji
  • Second-years: Ayumu Uehara, Ai Miyassita, Setsuna Yuki
  • Third-years: Karin Asaka, Kanata Konoe, Emma Verde

Wait, why have I seen a few of these women prior to?

Due To The Fact That Love Live,

! is popular! Nico Yazawa is the start of numerous anime- centric memes and smug anime lady photos, and Mari is understood for her “it’s joke!” line from the anime, considering that she’s a ridiculous prankster. You can likely see her being utilized as a response GIF from folks on Twitter and somewhere else on social media when a joke stops working to land or if someone checks out something ironical as severe.

And you stated they offer out substantial arenas and carry out live? How?

The voice starlets are greatly related to their characters and they dress up and carry out the series’ tunes at shows. It isn’t an anime hologram, like Vocaloid Miku Hatsune. It’s real women on singing, phase and dancing. Folks who are quite deep into idol culture will likewise be substantial fans of their preferred voice starlets from the series.

Even Fathom Occasions, the evaluating business that typically shows restricted runs of anime films in theaters, has actually revealed these live shows, like the ninth anniversary Love Live! Fest, for devoted fans to enjoy on the big screen.

Are the games totally in Japanese?

All the audio remains in Japanese, however the “around the world” version of the School Idol Celebration is playable in English, Korean, and conventional Chinese. All Stars is playable in the exact same languages, with the addition of Thai.

Which game should I play in between the 2?

That depends upon your taste. School Idol Celebration is more of an uncomplicated rhythmgame While it isn’t as quite, it offers enjoyable tunes to play with amazing charts that’ll leave even the finest rhythm game gamer a bit sweaty. All Stars has more RPG components, concentrating on updating women and playing a quite story with a rhythm element. The Nijigasaki women are just included in School Idol Celebration as limited-time benefits, and the game focuses more on μ’s and Aquors.

The most obvious modification in between the 2 games is that All Stars supports 3D designs dancing and singing in the background. School Idol Celebration utilizes a fixed picture of a phase in the background, however All Stars has the women carrying out as you play.

That all being stated, remember this is a gacha game, which suggests that you’ll need to grind out superior currency to get high-stat systems– or you can pay money, however beware the threats of gacha gaming.

For the rhythm game fans, you can download School Idol Celebration on the Google Play store and theApp Store For those who desire story and 3D designs, download All Stars, likewise on the Google Play store and App Store.

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