Star Wars: Project Luminous art, book details imagine High Republic era

At the 2019 Star Wars Event last April, Lucasfilm and Disney Publishing revealed an ambitious-sounding strategy: to inform one cohesive story over a series of books, comics, and if later reports were to be thought, perhapsmore


Authors Cavan Scott (Star Wars: Experiences in Wild Space, IDW’s Star Wars Experiences), Claudia Gray (Master & Apprentice, Family), Justina Ireland (Glow of the Resistance, Lando’s Luck), Daniel José Older (Swan Song, “Born in the Storm”), and Charles Soule (Marvel’s Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren, Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith) were all associated with “Project Luminous,” the stories would start introducing in 2020, and … that’s where the opening scroll ended. Nobody understood what the story had to do with, when it was set, how it may thread through the Skywalker Legend, or anything essential about what remained in the works.

And now we do.

On Monday night, the 5 Project Luminous authors and Mike Siglain, imaginative director, at Lucasfilm, collected at Walt Disney Studios to draw back the drape on the cross-mediumevent Siglain states he first pitched the principle of an inter-connected historic Star Wars story back in2014 Now, after lots of imaginative conferences, principle art, and Kathleen Kennedy’s stamp of approval to go wild and experiment, Lucasfilm and its publishing partners have actually beget The HighRepublic Happening in pax romana of the Star Wars universe, The HIgh Republic stories discover the Jedi working as a sort of Knights of the Roundtable for the galaxy, and a brand-new risk, the Nihil, pressing the to the edge. The property of the comics and books come down to an easy concern: “What terrifies the Jedi?”

Polygon is reporting live from the Project Luminousevent We’ll upgrade this story with extra details as they’re revealed.

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