TikTok users keep reinventing Undertale’s ‘Megalovania’

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Toby Fox’s “Megalovania” might be called a five-year-old video game banger, however the meme behemoth in fact has a more layeredhistory


The first model of the track, which existed long in the past Undertale, was launched in2009 10 years later on, the tune is still subjugating on Gen Z homebase TikTok, the social media app where music rules supreme. The fundamental tenets of the tune’s appeal within video game areas are maybe the single finest plan for understanding TikTok’s humor as a whole.

Famous for its association with Sans, the cool Undertale skeleton who has actually been memed to hell and back, “Megalovania” was a constant existence in web game culture of the late 2010 s.

However the track, which was composed by Undertale developer Toby Fox, existed prior to it was connected with a hoodie-wearing skeleton in a videogame Initially penned by Fox for his 2009 ROM hack of Earthbound, the track has actually appeared in a smattering of other locations: it belonged of the sixth installment of the Homestuck soundtrack (elegant as “MeGaLoVania”), got infamy through Undertale, and is now a part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate OST.


Undertale, which was launched in 2015, sets “Megalovania” with Sans’ difficult boss fight. The face-off just takes place in a “genocide” playthrough where the gamer eliminates every animal they come across in-game “Megalovania” is without a doubt the most notorious tune off of the soundtrack. Part of the appeal is because of the truth that the track is an evergreen bop. It likewise assists that Undertale and its fanbase were launched into infamy— the game has actually been among Tumblr’s 5 most talked-about video games every year since its release.

And appeal begets reinterpretations. “Megalovania” first received the standard remix treatment in the wake of its brand-new video game release in late 2015, a rote phenomenon that ultimately changed into mashups with tunes like Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster” or “Renai Circulation,” the 4th opening style of Bakemonogatari that’salso popular on TikTok


What began as variations on an excellent track rapidly developed into meme fodder. “Megalovania” began appearing all over on the web. Much of these early covers and remixes of the tune were planned to be ridiculous s*itposts– like these mid-decade airhorn and kazoo covers, for instance– in an effort to take the tune less seriously.

However, things have not decreased over the last few years. Take a January 2019 mashup of “Megalovania” and Owl City’s “Fireflies,” or this remix that pits the single versus 2018 League of Legends K-pop struck “POP/STARS:”

These more severe remixes and mashups made “Megalovania” both amusing and identifiable.

At the very same time, Sans from Undertale was likewise making his location in meme culture. Individuals in the Undertale fandom drew him and non-stop priced quote a few of his more unforgettable lines, like “You’re gonna have a bad time” Ultimately, it ended up being a pattern for individuals to deceive others into mistakenly listening to the track while connecting with apparently harmless material on the web. Meme archive website Know Your Meme associates the origin of this bait-and-switch strategy to a Family Guy parody tweet made by Twitter user @conkface; ever since, it’s removed.

5 years later on, “Megalovania” has actually ended up being an unavoidable existence on TikTok, where users slide it in at the ends of videos, mash it up with viral TikTok sounds like Sub Urban’s “Cradles,” orplay it on the cello in full Waluigi cosplay It assists that Megalovania sounds like a TikTok tune, both in its repeated riffs and melodramatic, chiptune-esque combination. Those qualities play out well on TikTok due to the fact that they make noises wacky and unforgettable; repeating supplies an appealing however un-intimidating canvas for patterns like dance or positioning difficulties (see: “Junko positioning.”)

Dan, a music- focused TikToker and YouTuber much better understood by his deal with @dein0mite, often worms “Megalovania” into his material. He discovered his specific niche on TikTok covering popular noises on piano and putting out mashups of popular memes; “Megalovania” is like his callingcard “I’m not 100% joking when I state that [“Megalovania] is a little bit of a curse,” he stated over e-mail. Mentioning Megalovania’s renowned tunes, which “fit so well into anything and whatever … [it’s] hard NOT to go back to it!”

Nevertheless, mashup culture on TikTok extends far past signing up with 2 popular meme tracks together. “[Mashups are] basically the best dish for initial material, due to the fact that you’re taking what would be routine patterns and providing it your own spin,” Dan stated.

As soon as a tune or clip gains prominence– like “anime is an important part of our culture” or n04h’s “Carless Gambino” remix— developers can depend on the audience’s familiarity with previous viral jokes to make completely brand-new gags. Tunes are remixed, riffed, and reinterpreted up until they handle completely brand-new kinds on TikTok.

” Megalovania” survives on as fodder for bait-and-switchjokes “Rickrolling” is maybe the most notorious bait-and-switch meme, however the most vital part is that these jokes lull you into a false complacency just to strike you with a “gotcha!” minute. For audio jokes, that suggests starting with a familiar noise or video prior to all of a sudden switching to something else that’s unforeseen however still familiar. “Megalovania” has actually popped on TikTok at the tail end whatever from “Infant Shark” melodica covers to sliced up Kesha tracks.

It’s the TikTok equivalent of a pun, where the goal is to get an entertained groan out of the audience. While some tunes might fade away, “Megalovania” and its inherent meme-ness permits it to continue being a staple for those who are exceptionally online. Take, for example, Sr Pelo’s specifically bonkers parody cover “Mogolovonio.”

” Megalovania” wasn’t hailed by music critics as one of the best or most defining tracks of the 2010 s (no shade!). Couple of other tracks made as conclusive of a footprint on digital culture in the 2010 s, and we can see that by large virtue of its meme determination. While it might not have actually gotten into the pop zeitgeist in the very same method as other tracks like Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Roadway,” for a brand-new years of hitmakers who are using TikTok to introduce their music professions, memes matter simply as much as the charts they’re gunning for.

” Megalovania” makes a strong case for determining the success of a tune not by its chart history, however by its capability to be constantly transformed.

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