Let’s play Werewords, a combination of 20 questions and hidden role social deduction games, on the latest episode of Polygon’s board game show Overboard.

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You have actually most likely played a variation of our latest Overboard game, Werewords. It’s based on the traditional parlor game 20 Questions: One gamer creates a word, and everybody else inquires yes-or-no questions to determine the word. As the name suggests, they just have 20 questions to do it.

In the initial game, everybody asking questions is pursuing the exact same goal, and the answerer should inform thetruth What Werewords proposes is this: What if they could lie? And what if everybody else could, for that matter?

In Werewords, players are offered hidden functions, much like in Werewolf or Mafia (or any of these games), that position them on one of 2 teams: the Villagers and the Werewolves. The secret is that nobody understands who is a Monster. One gamer likewise gets to be the Mayor– i.e., the individual answering thequestions The Villager team is attempting to determine the word, while the Monster team is attempting to avoid that from taking place without being identified.

That job is simplified due to the fact that the Monster players understand the Mayor’s magic word from the start, which permits them to press the line of questioning far from the right response. the Villager team isn’t entirely in the dark, either. An unique Villager, the Seer, likewise gets to peek at the Mayor’s word. This gamer wishes to assist their team guess the magic word, however simply like the Werewolves, they need to do it discreetly.

Needs To the Villager team dominate and guess the magic word prior to time goes out, the Werewolves get one last possibility at taking triumph from the jaws of defeat. They expose their cards and rapidly threat a guess regarding which Villager is the Seer. This is why the Seer should be subtle about how they assist theirteam They win the game if the Monsters smell them out!

Likewise, if the Villager team stops working to think the magic word, they get one swan song to win thegame This time, nobody exposes their characters; rather, everybody invests one minute discussing whom they believe are the monsters amongst them. They take a fast vote. the Villager team wins if the bulk discovers a Monster gamer! If they select inadequately, the Monster team wins the round!

We had a wonderful time shouting questions and breaking our brains attempting to determine magic words without looking suspicious. Werewords games fast, so it’s simple to play round after round, and there’s plenty of possible to blend things up by including extra unique characters. If you enjoyed our Let’s Play, take a look at the rest of Overboard, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for even more terrific videos.

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