Red Dead Redemption 2: how to vomit rope to avoid fall damage

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Coming to a large cliff or other high drop in Red Dead Redemption 2– or any open-world game, truly– constantly postures a predicament to me, as a dedicated role-player. Do I look for fairly flexible path down, taking the additional time? Do I fast travel, breaking immersion? Do I leap to my death and respawn in other places for benefit’s sake?

Some resourceful RDR2 types have actually developed another option: Vomit roping. They have actually found out that blowin’ pieces while falling off a cliff produces a hair of life-saving puke that spares your character from falling damage.

OK, the green rope coming out of your mouth isn’t in fact what conserves you. It’s the reality that the barf animation bypasses the falling animation, such that the falling procedure (in which you land and take beaucoup damage) never ever finishes.

Simple enough, however how does one shoot? Possibilities are, you’re bring an expurgative or 2 in your stock– i.e. herbs. In this video, spied first by VG24/7, gamer Darereal devours on some Typical Bulrush, that makes your character barf pronto. Other herbs can trigger make them vomit, too, however numerous take longer to work. Typical bulrush might be discovered almost anywhere near a body of water.

Due to the fact that of the barf path, players have actually taken to calling this “vomit roping,” however I believe it requires a much better, possibly punnier name. May I recommend:

  • The Ol’ Mountain Holler
  • Yodel-ay-hee-spew
  • Booting Down
  • Ralph-pelling
  • The Liquid Plummet

Anybody got any much better concepts? I’m all ears.

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