Pokémon Sword and Shield Mewtwo raid is hardest battle ever

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Pokémon fans like to gripe that the games are too simple, however a brand-new Max Raid Battle in Pokémon Sword and Shield may defy those expectations. Folks who are attempting the encounter, which is readily available up until March 1, are reportedly getting their butts kicked.

Why is Mewtwo so difficult? It is a level 100 EV-trained animal, who occurs to understand 6 relocations, not the basic 4. Players state that Mewtwo likewise has method more health and guards than those you can discover in requirement raidbattles And, as a reward, the Mewtwo comes loaded with relocation counters that can remove its most significant opponents. And if you do handle to beat the famous Pokémon, you do not get to capture it– however you do get some rare prizes.

Folks on social media who have actually attempted it have actually left either horrified or delighted. Fans are likewise sharing the very best methods to remove Mewtwo, which at the minute appears to fall directly on the shoulders of Marshadow and other ghost-types.

See, Max Raid Battle Occasions like this are fantastic. They admit to the rarer products we might desire and Mewtwo being Level 100 with 5 * basic health is simply nuts

— Joe Merrick (@JoeMerrick)February 27, 2020

How to eliminate raid Mewtwo,
– Bring a Marshadow
– Provide him an attack vest to not pass away
– Utilize spectral burglar to take his nasty plot
– Provide him shadow ball to benefit from the SP Attack increase
– Dead Mewtwo!

Show the world that Marshadow is much better then Mewtwo!

— Marshadow took my statistics and called me a noob (@Shadmallow)February 27, 2020

Beyond calling the most popular beast of the year for Pokémon Day, the remake of the first Pokémon motion picture is now likewise readily available for streaming on Netflix. Pokémon Sword and Shield are likewise inviting a brand-new legendary beast called Zarude.

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