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PUBG dev apologizes for months of problems, partly blame DDoS attacks

PUBG dev apologizes for months of problems, partly blame DDoS attacks

The makers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields apologized today for a monthslong wave of efficiency and connection problems on the PC version of the game, in part blaming extreme rejection-of- service attacks in November and this month for some of the problems.

” We understand the last couple of months have actually had some continuous problems affecting gameplay and [we] wished to take a minute to attend to whatever,” PUBG Corp. stated. “We understand the below problems have actually been incredibly discouraging to handle and we’re sorry they have actually continued for so long.”

PUBG Corp. acknowledged that the game’s current bad frame rate, crashing, and stuttering or freezing problems are not related to any DDoS attack. The studio stated designers are attempting to determine and deal with the causes of the efficiency loss, however are having trouble recreating them, particularly as lots of problems are hardware-specific.

Designers duplicated an appeal for anybody experiencing crashes, frame rate loss, or other efficiency reduces to contact PUBG Corp.’s support team and share as much info as possible, particularly their existing hardware specs “and any other info you think matters.

” This is a leading concern for us today, and we thank those of you who are impacted for your perseverance,” PUBG Corp. composed.

Social media, PUBG’s subreddit, and official forums have actually been besieged by various posts and grievances of a degraded or perhaps ruined game for the past couple ofmonths


Relating To the DDoS attacks, the designers state PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ servers “have actually been progressively targeted for theseattacks Last November, the strength of the attacks increased to a level we had not experienced previously, which increased once again in February.”

PUBG Corp. did not determine any recognized or thought offenders. for players, efforts to increase the game’s DDoS defenses have actually likewise hindered connection and network efficiency. “While screening numerous DDoS defense services from external facilities service providers, server areas were frequently situated far from basic areas, which led to increased ping and other network problems for some players,” designers stated.

The “speculative DDoS defense services” have actually likewise triggered package loss for lots of players, PUBG Corp. stated. “We understand that we might have been much more open in interacting these factors with you, however [we] did not wish to pollute tests and results by letting the opponents understand we were doing this screening,” the studio stated.

The business stated it has actually been collecting info about the attacks with the intent of taking legal action versus their wrongdoers. Meantime, an internal option “has actually minimized the effect of DDoS attacks by almost 85 percent,” though the attacks “will stay a continuous problem.”

Unfaithful, another topic of general concern to the neighborhood, was pointed out in PUBG Corp.’s note however just in broad terms. “Combating cheaters is one of our highest concerns and we’re using several internal teams and external resources to discover brand-new services for this problem,” designers composed. They will have more about anti-cheating efforts in a 2020 roadmap post guaranteed for early March.

” We comprehend there are lots of other high-priority problems affecting gameplay,” PUBG Corp. stated. “Feel confident, we’ll continue to deal with the unsolved problems and will do our finest to be more open with information on these topics progressing.”

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