Riot’s Project A leaks, possibly called Valorant

In late 2019, Riot exposed Project A, a tactical shooter that looked comparable to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Aside from a handful of tweets from a Counter-Strike professional gamer, Riot has yet to expose much about ProjectA A brand-new series of leaks might expose a possible name for the game and some of its characters.

According to fan Twitter account, ProjectAOnline, Project A’s official name isValorant Neighborhood members found a Valorant website trademark from Riot, and found a dormant Twitter handle calledPlayValorant The account has actually never ever tweeted, however signed up with Twitter in February of2020 It presently has 11,000followers


A lot of parts of this #ProjectA screenshot have actually been shared on numerous pages, here is the the full image in the highest resolution we might discover!
L: 3 character names [Brimstone; Sage; Viper], type [support; defense; offense?]
B: Chat and avatars
R: Sage’s capability descriptions

— ValorantTheGame – #ProjectA News & Leaks (@ValorantTheGame)February 27, 2020

Another fan account, ValorantTheGame, shared a leaked image of Sage— a character players most likely saw in some early-game footage of ProjectA According to the leakage, Sage has 4 capabilities: Barrier Orb, Slow Orb, Recovery Orb, and Resurrection. The Barrier Orb develops a wall, while the sluggish orb sets a slowing field for players. The Recovery Orb recovers allies and Sage’s Resurrection capability can bring an allied gamer back to life.

Tensa, an expert Overwatch gamer,also tweeted about Sage With Riot bringing expert Counter-Strike players like HenryG out to see the game, it’s possible Tensa and other Overwatch pros have actually likewise hung out with Project A– making Tensa’s tweet the closest thing we need to verification of Sage’s presence.

The leaked image above likewise exposes the name of 2 other capacity Project A characters: Brimstone and Viper. At the bottom of the image, players can see a cast of 8 characters– among which has a lock icon over it. In the upper left, there’s an icon that states “Bind. Unranked.” It promises that Bind is the name of the map or game type, with Unranked being the game mode. Sage is likewise described as a “Guard,” which might be a sort of class requirements.

It’s uncertain how precise these leaks are, or when we will hear official word from Riot about Project A’s real name and its cast of characters. Another fan neighborhood, the official Twitter account for the Valorant subreddit, recommends fans might learn more about Project A on March 2.

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